Hanging, Maple Leaf Style (Tour Update #1).

06/07/2009 § 2 Comments

To say that things have gone swimmingly so far would be a grotesque understatement. Day 4 is here, Days 1-3 are under our belts, and the rest of tour awaits eagerly.

To summarize things thus far, i present this fairly comprehensive list of small victories, large victories, and small defeats thus far:

1. Small Victory: Killer and I have yet to come to fisticuffs (EDIT: Killer and I got in a pretty intense wrestling match after Killer claimed that I’m not a true baseball fan because I don’t eat meat and thus will not eat a hot dog at the ball park. Killer won.

Killer vs. Jordan Tour Wrestling Battle Results Thus Far: Killer: 1, Jordan: 0.)

2. Small Defeat: Vass has lost his voice almost entirely. Ed is calling him the Ghost Whisperer.

3. Small Victory: Vass has lost his voice almost entirely. Ed is calling him the Ghost Whisperer. Vass has also developed his own custom sign language to communicate–it’s cute.

4. Large Victory: Wings won Game 5 in convincing fashion, 5-0 at the Joe, and I managed to abstain from striking any of the Native dudes (Hawks fans) whilst enduring a barrage of anti-Wings slams. Go Wings.

5. Large Victory: We made it through customs unscathed, though we did have to listen to the group of people next to us tell the same hilarious story of accidentally crossing the border post-wedding en route to get ice cream to every single person in immigration. Goodness gracious. I think to think we were hearing the story for the 14th time when this picture was taken (note Vass’s expression):

Pretty much sums up customs. 


Anyways, things really have been going about as well as possible. Shows have been awesome (thanks to everyone for coming out), people have been beyond hospitable (again, thanks), and my face hurts from laughing so much. Waterloo, ON tonight. Stoked. 

Hope you’re all as well as can be.

All my love.

Yrs, Jordan.

Oh, and there’s this:

Life can be too much fun sometimes.


§ 2 Responses to Hanging, Maple Leaf Style (Tour Update #1).

  • Colby says:

    Oh. My. God. Y’all are playing “Only Everything Below” on this tour. You guys fucking suck. We are no longer friends.



  • Brandy says:

    I love the line up, but you guys should think about playing Damaged Goods on June 23rd. I am driving all the way up from Virginia to see you all. 🙂


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