Hanging, Maple Leaf Style (Tour Update #2).

06/09/2009 § 1 Comment

Serious NW Indiana local music scene reminiscing going on around me. Always interesting to hear people from other areas discuss the music they grew up around.

More interesting than that, the unbelievable hospitality and generosity people are capable of showing others in the right situation. Every time we have the opportunity to tour I’m floored by how friendly and accommodating strangers are when they’re aware of your situation (being away from home, poor, and all that). Its encouraging. At the same time, that type of indiscriminate and all-encompassing kindness in the midst of strangers can be frustrating in that it reveals our own neighborly inadequacy whilst spending time at home. 

What I mean is, we shouldn’t have to rely on extreme or pressing circumstances to encourage us to be hospitable towards others. Instead, we should be operating always with the idea that every opportunity to show another person kindness–whether we live with that person or only see them when they roll through our town on tour–is one that should not be overlooked. We’re all in this together, after all.

Anyways, Bushra’s mom made us lunch (they made us breakfast earlier, and let us sleep in there basement last night) and if I don’t scurry upstairs, I’m going to miss out. Dan is playing Third Eye Blind on guitar right now. Life is awesome.

All my love.

Yrs, Jordan.


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