A Day Late, A Buck Short, I'm Writing the Report

06/10/2009 § 3 Comments

Aside from my aforementioned voice loss, Canada has been treating me very well. The people are very nice.

Before we came to Toronto, we ended up on the island from Lost in a little bit of a predicament. We were exploring the forest just fine.

live together die alone

live together die alone

but I got seperated from the group and had a run in with the smoke monster.

Lost Dispute from La Dispute on Vimeo.

This morning, we’re in Toronto but I believe we’re goin to Montreal this afternoon. Toronto is an awesome city; its a lot like Chicago but without all the things I hate about Chicago. While in the city, Jord, Chad, Bob, Dan, and I went sushi hunting. After a vigorous walk seeing a ton of places, we settled on Sushi on Bloor. The outside looked a little dismal, but the price was right.

Sushi on Bloor

Sushi on Bloor

Upon entering the restaurant, however, it looked to be the best sushi place in Toronto. I meant to get pictures of our food but forgot. Suffice it to say it was delicious. My spicy california rolls were only 4.50.

Inside the restaurant

Inside the restaurant

Last night we played in the smallest space we’ve ever been in. We have played in plenty of small places, but this takes the cake. It was the aptly named “Murder Room” of a house, while Native was upstairs in the probably just as small kitchen.

Howd you guys fit a drumset in all this mess?

"How'd you guys fit a drumset in all this mess?"

A guy literally crowd surfed off of my bass. The ceiling in this room was no taller than 6’6″. My mind was blown. Then I crowd surfed in the kitchen during Native’s set, with Killer surfing on top of me, and all of our combined weight on top of Jordan’s face. He was displeased.
Then we hung around the house and met a bunch of cool people. Such is every night on tour thus far and I’d imagine most of the rest of tour will be similar. I’m very content. Now if only I could speak at normal volume without my voice cracking and my throat swelling.


P.S. two days ago i got to play with this bad ass snake and watch it eat a mouse.


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