cliff jumping, super mario 3, more cliff jumping

06/17/2009 § 1 Comment

finally have a working internet again, so here’s the last few days.

burlington, vt was beautiful, we drove out to this waterfall to take a dip.

it was a bit scary, but summers and blake paved the way.

next we headed to kittery, maine. we stayed with some new friends and played a nice little show in the living room.

afterwords, vass did some sewing for nick and himself,

dan was the dj for our sing along hour,

*imagine 12 dudes with arms around each other singing dmx and blink 182, as painful as that may be to imagine*

and jordan spent the entire night conquering super mario brothers 3.

the next morning we headed out to our new friend blake’s house in west newbury, ma. he had some handsome horses. we should have rode one.

we had a day off, so we decided to go cliff jumping again. the jump was over 70 feet and blake was the only one to make the jump, besides a guy we met there named tom who played us some alice in chains on his acoustic guitar. nope, i’m not kidding. it was sick.

now, we’re off to boston.

hope everyone is doing well, I’ll leave you with this video.

Lost Dispute episode 2 from La Dispute on Vimeo.



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  • Grandma Dianne says:

    I am sooo enjoying your blog! Thank you for keeping your fans (including me) posted. If you make it back to Florida, give me enough heads up to stock the fridge. We loved having you stay with us.

    It is so excited that you are planning a trip to Europe. People everywhere are kinder, more welcoming and generous than we ever imagined. We just have to give each other a chance.

    Have a great time in Australia! This is a wonderful time in your life! Carpe diem!

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