I love New York City. Oh yeah, New York City.

06/21/2009 § 3 Comments



 We had way too much fun with our friends, old and new. And yes, that is who you think it is. No joke.



Thanks to Jeff, Hillary, Carly, and Tom. A big thanks to our new buddy John for letting me, Chad, and Kev sleep in your basement. Sorry you missed the show in NJ buddy. We love you.



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§ 3 Responses to I love New York City. Oh yeah, New York City.

  • Grandma Dianne says:

    I don’t think my last response went through so I will try again. It is great to read your blogs. You are taking some magnificent pictures and it looks like you are all having a great time. This is the time to do it and I am excited that you are planning now for a Euro trip…on top of Australia…life is great. You are young, talented and resourceful and people come through when you need a little help.

    I hope winter will see you back in Florida and you can stay with us again. Give me a heads up so I can stock up the fridge. Any special requests?

    Love to you all,

  • Галеас – ратный корабль, состоявший на вооружении многих стран Европы в XVI—XVII вв. Усовершенствованная крупная галера.
    Вот беспричинно вот! =) Интересно? – Заходи для выше сайт 🙂

  • musicsite says:

    Я слишком больна тобой
    Позволь позабыть обо всем
    Небо роняет звезды как слезы

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