down under

07/08/2009 § 2 Comments

hello mates! (see what I did there?)

so we’re finally rested up and recovered from our 48 hour trek to this beautiful country. here’s some photos from the exhausting 2 day trip. notice Chad’s thumbs up this picture. it’s a mediocre one. Vass’s is pretty great.





Simon picked us up from the airport last night and he drove us to an amazing house just outside of Brisbane. we’ll be staying here for a few days with our new friends.



most of the day today has been spent preparing for tour. we went into town (driving on the left side of the road) for a bit to get sticks, strings, lights, and other essentials. saw some posters for the shows too so that was really sweet. notice Vass’s thumbs up in this picture. it’s a great one.


we’re having a BBQ tonight and then are going to have band practice at a space in town. stoked for that! the shows start tomorrow (which is also my birthday) so it should be a super swell day.

stay safe!

§ 2 Responses to down under

  • mia says:

    yeah, vass does give some great thumbs ups…x))

  • Lisa Wilks says:

    I’m happy you all made it there safe! Jeff and I miss you lots and hope you all have a great time. Happy birthday brad and much love guys!

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