g’day from matt

09/25/2009 § 2 Comments

g’day! so long story short I flew a few thousand kilometers from Australia to come hang out and lend a hand on the tour with Thursday, Fall of Troy and Young Widows. At the moment we’re hanging out downstairs at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio doing what’s become the pre-show custom on this tour; eating. Free food rules…seriously. Especially when it’s prefixed by a night on someone’s floor and you have yet to shower since leaving home (in this case, Tuesday morning). All the shows so far have been great, even though I may be stuck behind a desk down an alley listening to the echoes bouncing off the walls. Thursday have impressed every night…as people and as a band. Young Widows are probably the highlight every night for me so far. Definitely, DEFINITELY pay attention everyone, because those guys are going to blow up. So, my observations so far: you have indicators that are the same colour as your brake lights…wtf, squirrels are cute, Chicago is a beautiful city, Taco Bell and Denny’s both rule and Santa Fe Burrito in Louisville make the best damn burrito I’ll ever eat. So if any of you are coming out to the remaining shows and are from Luoisville, bring me another one, vegetarian mexican style please. If you’re not from Louisville, come to the merch desk, buy a cd or record and chuck me a dollar or two so I can get home. Loving life, thanks La Dispute! – Matt.


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