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Hey folks,

So we’ve been writing some new tunes lately. It feels really great to get back into the swing of things and to experiment with new sounds and ideas. It’s been quite some time (over a year, in fact, whew.)

One of the most common questions we receive about our writing is what influences our “sound.” Every band in the world hates this question. I think the reason I dislike it so much is (speaking for myself of course) my tastes in music change with time, mood, season, situation, etc. I’m guessing this is the case for many people, including the other members of my band.

Another reason this question is bothersome: we all listen to very different music. Sure, there is common ground, I don’t think we’d be a band if we didn’t appreciate some similar tastes. But we certainly like to have our own iPods in the van when traveling.

So, keeping that in mind, we decided to try something. Rather than hiding what we like or dislike, we’d like to show you. This will, in a sense, give an idea of what we tap our feet to in our free time.

(Important note: this is still a pretty poor way to describe what helps shape the outcome of a song, there are countless other things to consider when doing so. So, rather than pick away at that subject, let’s have some fun instead.)

5 iPods. 10 songs each. Shuffle. Go!


1. “My Moon My Man” by Feist, from The Reminder
2. “A Physical Anthology of Video Contracts” by A Suburban Blood Drive, from Fall Demo 2004
3. “Partners In Crime” by Comeback Kid, from Wake the Dead
4. “Day Nine: Hollow Factory” by Trap Them, from Sleepwell Deconstructor
5. “Ali v. Frazier I” by Bane, from Give Blood
6. “Cyanide” by Metallica, from Death Magnetic
7. “The Ghosts You Draw on My Back” by Múm, from Summer Make Good
8. “Bad Trails” by Battles, from Mirrored
9. “Pedestal” by Portishead, from Dummy
10. “What a Horrible Night for a Curse” by Bear Vs. Shark, from Terrorhawk


1. “Triad: St. Patrick / Cú Chulainn / Oisín” by Enya, from The Celts
2. “Third Movement, Pt. 1” by Steve Reich, from The Desert Music
3. “Resent, Resist, Rebuild” by Hot Cross, from Risk Revival
4. “Endymion” by Saetia, from A Retrospective
5. “Crawfish” by Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, from The Lonely Bull
6. “Lies, and Release from Silence” by Envy, from All the Footprints You’ve Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead
7. “The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead” by Final Fantasy, from Has a Good Home
8. “Brendan #1” by Fugazi, from Repeater
9. “Hanasakajijii (One: The Angry Neighbor)” by Anathallo, from Floating World
10. “Lonesome” by Bill Frisell, from Gone, Just Like a Train


1. “John Wayne Gacy, Jr” by Sufjan Stevens, from Come on Feel the Illinoise
2. “The Sorrowful Wife” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, from No More Shall We Part
3. “Pick Up Sticks” by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, from Time Out
4. “Drums of War” by Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, from Brother’s Keeper
5. “All Down the Line” by The Rolling Stones, from Exile on Main St.
6. “IPT-2” by Battles, from EP C / B EP
7. “I Play the Matador (remake)” by P.O.S. from Ipecac Neat
8. “All My Friends” by The Counting Crows, from This Desert Life
9. “Geneva” by The Yellowjackets, from Four Corners
10. “Back in the U.S.S.R.” by The Beatles, from The Beatles (The White Album)


1. “Trashcanhands” by Zao, from (Self Titled)
2. “Airbag” by Radiohead, from OK Computer
3. “One Left Satisfied” by Comeback Kid, from Broadcasting
4. “True Harmony” by Joy Electric, from Unelectric
5. “Angels of the Silences” by Stretch Arm Strong, from A Revolution Transmission *(Counting Crows cover)
6. “Educate the Ignorant” by Few Left Standing, from Wormwood
7. “Unhallowed” by The Black Dahlia Murder, from Unhallowed
8. “Le Vainqueur” by Starflyer 59, from Gold
9. “My Hero” by The Foo Fighters, from The Colour and the Shape
10. “Laser Speed” by Between the Buried and Me, from Alaska


1. “Even If Love” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, from Master and Everyone
2. “Playhouses” by TV On The Radio, from Return to Cookie Mountain
3. “I Still Have My Fastball” by STNNNG, from Dignified Sissy
4. “Drunken Third” by Hot Water Music, from Fuel for the Hate Game
5. “Stagger Lee” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, from Murder Ballads
6. “Night in Winter” by Envy, from Insomniac Doze
7. “Mr. Krinkle” by Primus, from Pork Soda
8. “Every Reason To” by Coalesce, from Give Them Rope
9. “When You Wake Up a Snake” by Les Savy Fav, from Plagues and Snakes
10. “One Tree Hill” by U2, from Joshua Tree

There ya have it. Maybe next time we’ll do 20 songs.

What does your playlist look like?



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  • Brandon says:

    You’re Beautiful Without That Unibrow- Akissforjersey
    Tiny Vessels- Death Cab for Cutie
    Prayers on Fire- The Sound of Animals Fighting
    Bloodsucker Pt.ll- As Cities Burn
    To Whom It May Concern- Underoath
    H! Vltg3- Linkin Park
    Son of a Widow- Mewithoutyou
    New Orleans- Portugal. the Man
    Don’t Let Them See You Cry- Manchester Orchestra

  • mattradickal says:

    This is an awesome idea! Here’s mine:

    1. As Your Voice Fades – Emery from Weak’s End
    2. Gypsy Melodies – The Snake the Cross the Crown from Cotton Teeth
    3. Turtles All the Way Down – Every Time I Die from New Junk Aesthetic
    4. Year of the Ox – Sufjan Stevens from Enjoy Your Rabbit
    5. Letting a Good One Go – Kevin Devine from Circle Gets the Square
    6. Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups from Carnavas
    7. Sad But True – Metallica from S&M
    8. Fact Leaves Its Ghost (Live from Worcester, MA 1999) – Converge from The Long Road Home
    9. Mouth – Fear Before the March of Flames from The Always Open Mouth
    10. Gusty Like the Wind – Maylene and Sons of Disaster from S/T

    -Matt Radick

  • 1.”Get Well Soon” by Reggie And the Full Effect, on “Songs Not to Get Married to”
    2.”Utah”-Emarosa, on “This is Your Way Out”
    3.”Babygirl” by Anthony Green, on “Avalon”
    4.”Minstrel In the Galley” by Jethro Tull, on “Best of Jethro Tull”
    5.”St. Broderick, His Mistress, and The Blacksmith (The Optimist)” by The Sound of Animals Fighting, on “Tiger and The Duke”
    6. “Crop Tub” by AFI, on “Very Proud of Ya”
    7.”Light My Fire” by The Doors, on “The Best of The Doors”
    8. “Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt” by The Mars Volta, on “Deloused in the Comatorium”
    9. “Such Small Hands” by La Dispute, on “Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair”
    10.”I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin light” by Brand New, on “Deja Entendu

  • Heather K. says:

    1. Black Girls – Violent Femmes
    2. Asleep- The Smiths
    3.Sing me to sleep- The Weepies
    4. L’Via L ‘Vianquez- The Mars Volta
    5. Here and Now – Benny Bennassi
    6.I Predict A Riot-Kaiser Cheifs
    7.Bach (JS): Orchestral Suite
    8.Frosty the Snowman- Frost the Snowman
    9. This is England- The Clash
    10. The Cold Part- Modelst Mouse
    11. Moonshadow- Cat Stevens

  • Michael Malone says:

    1. “This Could Be Anywhere In The World” by Alexisonfire, from Crisis
    2. “Down by the Willows” by John Davey, from Leave a Light On EP
    3. “Sackcloth in Ashes” by Small Leaks Sink Ships, from Until The World Is Happy-Wake Up You Sleepyhead Sun
    4. “In the Nervous Light” by Circle Takes the Square, from As The Roots Undo
    5. “Q” by Evans Blue, from The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal of Life Ends
    6. “Only Everything Below” by La Dispute, from Untitled 7″
    7. “Pardon Me” by Incubus, from Make Yourself
    8. “The Cure For Pain” by mewithoutYou, from (A–>B) Life
    9. “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” by The Wonder Years, from Get Stoked on It
    10. “I Wanna Be The One” by fun., from Aim & Ignite

  • Daniel R says:

    Bruckheimer- Cinemechanica
    Left With Alibis And Lying Eyes- Emery
    Up Against (Blackout) – Taking Back Sunday
    The Things He Carried- Vanna
    The Need For Repetition- Between The Buried And Me
    Early Grave- Architects (UK)
    Mirrors- Envy On The Coast
    Adaptation- Solace And Stable
    Thin Layer- The Honorary Title
    When You Lose I Lose As Well- Poison The Well

  • Nathan says:

    You guys def have some awesome taste in music!!!!

    1) “Rejuvenate” by Benea Reach from Alleviat

    2) ” Moved in 98″ by The Blue Letter from Prima Facie

    3) ” We’re Sustained By The Corpse of a Fallen Costellation” By Circle Takes The Square from Document #13

    4) ” Dark Horse” by Converge from Axe To Fall

    5) “Halo of Winter” by Embodyment from This is solid state Vol 1

    6) “Rage” by Final Fight from final fight/ life long tragedy 7″ split

    7) ” Finance Fuels the Sickness At Heart” by Hot Cross from Risk Revival

    8) “Bloodwork” by Living Sacrifice from The Hammering Process

    9) “Repeaterbeater” By MEW from No More Stories (EP)

    10) ” Old Skin” by Young Widows from Old Wounds

  • John says:

    1. “Someday All This Will Be Mine” – Favez – “(…from Lausanne, Switzerland)
    2. “Leper Song” – New End Original – “Thriller”
    3. “A Pillow Of Winds” – Meddle – “Pink Floyd”
    4. “History of Dreams” – Meadow Saffron – “Leaving The Black Square”
    5. “In Exile” – Thrice – “Beggars”
    6. “**** You” – Archive – “Noise”
    7. “Crash!” – Propellerheads – “Crash 7″ ep”
    8. “The Canyon Behind Her” – dredg – “El Cielo”
    9. “Revolution Never Goes Out Of Style” – Walls Of jericho – “All Hail The Dead”
    10. “In Fiction” – Isis – “Panopticon”

  • BLAHBLAH says:

    LIL WAYNE ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • David Boeving says:

    Firstly, it’s good to see some love for Radiohead Kevin, they’re one of my favorite bands in the world. As for my list:

    1. “Guns and Ammo” by Minus the Bear, from Acoustics
    2. “Convict Colony” by Saul Williams, from The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust
    3. “One Too Many Mornings” by Bob Dylan, from Hard Rain
    4. “Ghostship Part I” by The Fall of Troy, from Ghostship Demos
    5. “In Bloom” by Nirvana, from Never Mind
    6. “Background” by Dynamite Boy, from Finders Keepers
    7. “23” by Blonde Redhead
    8. “Neverender” by Coheed & Cambria, from The Second Stage Turbine Blade
    9. “Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back” by The Bled, from Pass the Flask
    10. “Suicide Soundtrack” by Scarlet, from Cult Classic

  • rckildea says:

    Mine is not very impressive, but here it is!

    “The Cheap Bouquet” by Pierce the Veil from A Flair for the Dramatic
    “The Summer of the Southern Belles” by Five Minute Ride from The World Needs Convincing of All That It’s Missing
    “Last Saturday” by Broadway from Kingdoms
    “All I’m Losing is Me” by Saves The Day from Stay What You Are
    “Against the Grain” by City and Colour from Bring Me Your Love
    “Snails” by The Format from Dog Problems
    “Goodnight” by William Fitzsimmons from Goodnight
    “Window of Your Mind” by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly from Searching for the Hows and Whys
    “The Presidential Suite (Electric)” by Say Anything from Unreleased/Demos
    “All The Way/4U” by Poets of the Fall from Carnival of Rust

  • Jessica says:

    1. C.F.T (New Circuitry and Continued Evolution) by Isis — Celestial
    2. Goodbye to Mother and the Cove by Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah — Some Loud Thunder
    3. The Foodening 2 by Cross Examination — The Hung Jury
    4. Cool Out and Coexist by Dub Trio — New Heavy
    5. Drifter by Voyager — Voyager
    6. New Animals From The Air by Eluvium — Talk Amongst the Trees
    7. Angry Angel by Imogen Heap — I Megaphone
    8. Blood is Bright by Junius — Blood is Bright EP
    9. Mom Says by Low — The Curtain Hits the Cast
    10. Beauty 2 by Ladytron — Witching Hour

  • Jake Cary says:

    Doin’ mine. Also: I think envy had the most plays, so envy is what influences your sound.

    Uhhhhhhh you’re not gonna believe that this was my first one but I swear this came on out of a possible 17 full days of music.

    La Dispute – First Snow in Silent Grand Rapids
    Allister – Camouflage
    The Fucking Champs – ’84
    God’s Reflex – Sleeping In
    Elliott Smith – St. Ides Heaven
    Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets
    Bad Religion – Leave Mine to Me
    David Bowie – Neukoin
    Isis & Aerogramme – Low Tide
    The Lawrence Arms – Your Gravest Words

  • bryan says:

    my ipod is lost, but here’s ten songs off the top of my head that i like a lot (in no particular order)
    1.) To Withstand the Force of Storms – La Dispute
    2.) Open Sesame – Grown Ups
    3.) Nice and Blue – mewithoutYou
    4.) No Lies, Just Love – Bright Eyes
    5.) Where Have You Been – Manchester Orchestra
    6.) – Touche Amore
    7.) Early Sunsets Over Monroeville – My Chemical Romance
    8.) In the Nervous Light – Circle Takes the Square
    9.) Selfless, Cold, and Composed – Ben Folds Five
    10.) Line of Best Fit – Death Cab for Cutie

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