Ups & Downs

11/11/2009 § 9 Comments

Down – I lost everything on my computer. Every program and file that I didn’t have backed up somewhere (which was most) got erased. Life happens.

Up – I got to replace my old photoshop CS1 with CS3 and have been exploring all the new features today. also replaced fruityloops 8 with 9, not much difference there. still hoping to get adobe illustrator cs 3 or 4; i downloaded 4 but had a problem with a keygen.

and from my messing with photoshop and my tablet comes the following. what do you think of it as a shirt design? might be getting some made before the december tour with native. if you like my artwork, you can see more of it at my sporadically updated blog of my own,

LDhandshake copy

Side note, our best friends in Touche Amore are coming through our neck of the woods soon and it is our goal to show them a crazy good time. We’ll be with them for 4 days, the 19-22 in Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Chicago respectively. We aren’t playing the GR show, but some of us are in another band called ENDS and we might play it. There is more information about all of these shows in our shows listing, but for the sake of staying on topic of things i made today, heres a flyer for the first of four: kalamazoo.
11192009 copy

I miss my old fonts and photoshop brushes already. If you have any suggestions for things I should do with my newly revamped computer, leave a comment. And get a new one isn’t a valid suggestion, unfortunately; i haven’t a nickel to my name.

I'm a lot happier now than I was this time last year.



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§ 9 Responses to Ups & Downs

  • Marc Wilkinson says:

    For the Chicago show, I know of no “Summercamp” venue and can find nothing about it. The only related thing I know of is the Summercamp Music Festival in May. And it’s not may. So if this is indeed to correct venue, do you have any more information, like an address? And if it’s not, do you know the correct venue you’ll be playing at?

  • I’m loving the t-shirt design.
    If it ever gets made i’ll be one to get it.

  • Michael Malone says:

    Really loving the t-shirt. I’m coming to see you guys and Native on the 12th of december. If you have them at that show, I’m a sure buyer.

  • Lupe Bryan says:

    how much is the aa show? is it 18+?

  • Eric Defore says:

    The t-shirt design is amazing. That really sucks about your hard drive. Keygens can be a pain to get to work sometimes as well >_>

  • calvin says:

    i have hundreds of fonts and brushes…
    not sure i could email them to you, but

    dafont. and deviantart for fonts and brushes is a good start.


  • jeremy says:

    yeh how good is cs3 compared to cs1. i somehow got cs4 the other day and cant find many difference that i actually use.

    tshirt design is sweet. i missed you guys in australia this year cause i was in thailand. (sadface, but also happy face)

    so will look forward to your return to our shores. my friend and eye cant stop listening to the opening track to your album. perfect opener. thank you for making such genuine music.

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