Kalamazoo Tonight, Important Info for Chicago and Ann Arbor.

11/19/2009 § 3 Comments

Three-Point Approach to Tackling Non-work Related Work While at Work:

1. Kalamazoo show tonight with our brothers in Touche Amore at Corner Records (1710 W. Main St). Richland/Portage/South Haven kids are strongly recommended to pull strings, drive cars, and suffer the minor inconveniences that accompany attending a show away from home on Thursday in order to be a part of it. Sub-points:
i. It doesn’t cost anything (donations for Touche Amore are encouraged)
ii. Its at a record store (no better place for a show).
iii. Touche Amore is from Los Angeles (donations for Touche Amore are encouraged)
iv. Touche Amore rules (donations for Touche Amore are encouraged, but not required).

In summation: Show starts at 9. Show is free. Show is at Corner Records.


(EDIT: This show ruled. Thanks everyone for skipping the New Moon premiere to come out and hang. Touche Amore dudes rule too hard)

2. Ann Arbor show tomorrow night with our brothers in Touche Amore at the Metal Frat (Sigma Phi). My important note: IF YOU ARE NOT A UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN STUDENT YOU WILL NEED TO BE PUT ON A GUEST LIST IN ORDER TO ENTER. So, do us and yourself a favor and e-mail or message us your full name, as well as any friends you think to be attending also, and we will put you on our guestlist.

Shows at the Frat are far and away some of the best shows not only in this state, but in the country (at least as far as we know). Do not miss this show. It starts at 10. Oh, and it’s also free. This is like the recession package weekend for shows. Huzzah.

Big, big up’s to Sean from the Frat and from Dire Wolf (different Sean than mentioned above) for setting up this show for us.

3. Chicago show at Summercamp on Sunday with (you guessed it) our brothers in Touche Amore. Those of you hoping to attend might be thinking the following: Where in the blue blazes is this Summercamp place, I can’t find anything on the internetz? First, I say to you: It’s a bummer you’ve never been to Summercamp, it’s a fantastic place run by fantastic people, and a valuable service to your artistic community. Second, I say this to you: MESSAGE OR E-MAIL US OR SUMMERCAMP (MYSPACE.COM/SUMMERCAMPCHI) FOR THE ADDRESS AND ANY OTHER INFORMATION YOU NEED AND CAN’T FIND (I don’t actually yell it, I just typed it in all capitals so it would stick out).

That show starts at 6. That show also has Into It. Over It. and Tension Generation playing. And is either for donation or a small cover to help the touring band.


Seriously, if there ever were shows of ours I would hate to have you miss, these are them. Oh, and Touche Amore is playing Grand Rapids Saturday, too. You can message us for that address as well. Make it happen.

“I see my friends, I feel my friends, we do the best we can in this dying world.”

yrs, Jordan.


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