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EDIT: Rather than adding a new entry and burying the previous one, I figured I’d just edit the existing one. The video above is an idea, a sketch if you will, and may very well be incorporated on a split or on a brand new record (which I think may have a very, very, very tentative title) and I don’t want it to go unnoticed. You could call it a skeleton, also, if you’d like. Or, maybe more accurately, a bone. Many bones make a skeleton, I’d call that one bone. A femur, maybe. Or, a tibia. Mostly, I wanted to make note of this:

Our last four days were spent in the company of some of the finest people we’ve had the privilege of meeting. Normally, when speaking of people that I admire, and love,  and that inspire me, who happen to make music, I note their exceptional presence musically first, and move to their exceptional presence as humans second. I’m reversing that now, like this: our friends in Touche Amore are, first, absolutely incredible and inspiring people, and second, quite possibly the best band in the country right now. If you haven’t done so yet, acquaint yourself with what they’re doing, it is important. Split 7″ with them coming sometime, in some capacity. We will keep you posted. Make note of everyone you’ve met that has inspired you in some way, and keep it close. Keep a list even: Mine looks like this right now: Touche Amore, Native, Jesse, Ben, My bandmates, Alex, Mountain Asleep (overdue), Thursday, Comadre, Dangers, Propagandhi, John Darnielle, John K. Samson, My family, Richard Turner, Erik.

If you’re in Grand Rapids and not doing anything tomorrow night, Rotten Wood Moon and Spit for Athena are playing at the DAAC. Rotten Wood Moon pulled a serious solid for us this weekend, and Spit for Athena has been an important part of this city for sometime, missing the show wouldbe slightly absurd, if you ask me. Then, on Friday, our friends from Chicago called Cloud Mouth are playing the DAAC. Come out. Then, to cap off a busy week, Michigan Fest is happening this Saturday at the Wesley Foundation in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Tons of great punk and hardcore, a vegan potluck, and serious hanging. Flyer:

Anyways, bedtime for me. Hope you are well enough or better. Life is hard.

Love everyone,

yrs, Jordan.


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