Happy Thanksgiving

11/26/2009 § 3 Comments

Today is a day to be thankful for everyone and everything (but mostly everyone) that is making a positive force in your life. I am thankful for my closest friends, my family, my band (you’ll read this i know, i’m away but love you guys) and more. I am currently on tour with Touche Amore having a great time (and somehow making pretty good tips, haha). You can see their tour dates at their myspace page, come say hello to me at one of their upcoming shows in the midwest and heading back to the west coast.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which is not only an album by Brothers, but the busiest shopping day of the year. If you choose to participate in the financial festivities, please be aware of the products, companies, and industries you choose to support! Products that are typically considered the best purchases on BF are often made overseas under questionable conditions.
I recently ordered new tshirts for our winter touring, and here are the designs:

For the first time, we’ll be printing these on Canvas brand tshirts. I have opted not to continue doing business with American Apparel. The standard tshirts, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and others, come from questionable sources. They are the cheapest blank tshirts usually, other bands and screen printers will testify.  American Apparel’s appeal is not just the fit, but that it is made domestically.

This is a step in the right direction! without a doubt. I also applaud their efforts in campaigns such as Legalize Gay. However, this does not mean they are innocent. Anyone who has seen advertisements for AA must notice their insane amount of sexualizing.  An ad literally exists with the tagline: “Meet Melissa. She won an unofficial wet T-shirt contest held at the American Apparel apartment in Montreal.” The company is no stranger to controversy either, with some sexual advertisements earning bans. You can even read this article comparing AA’s founder Dov Charney to Playboy’s Hugh Hefner. Since nothing has been proven in court, I’ll neglect to mention Charney’s sexual harrassment suits by ex and current employees, but plenty of documentation exists from respectable news sources online if you care to look into it.

I fail to understand how a company can promote the liberation of one group (homosexuals) while oppressing another (women).

I admit I have a few American Apparel shirts in my suitcase and we have sold them for some time. They do make strides in the right direction, but I’ve opted for something that feels just as good to wear, but without the misogyny in advertising. Bella/Canvas also takes pride in their responsible efforts, as posted on their website:

As our industry continues to demand both quality and affordability, we recognize our responsibility to meet these demands by establishing strategic relationships which embody our fundamental values of integrity, honesty, and proper conduct amongst our workplace, customers, and distributors.

We believe it is of our highest priority to provide our workers with a safe working environment which practices excellent workplace standards and complies with all government health, safety, and labor regulations. Just as we are committed to producing only the highest quality garments, we also hold ourselves to maintaining the highest ethical and conscientious standards for our workers and factory conditions.

Black Friday is a very American tradition. Unfortunately, with that comes America’s history of neglect and lack of respect to other groups of people. Be a responsible consumer this day and any given day and research the products you are purchasing.

With all of this being said, Black Friday is a good day to buy records. Last year, I got 12″s of Everytime I Die’s Hot Damn!” and a final show edition of Since By Man’s Pictures from the Hotel Apocalypse from Vinyl Collective. Our record label will be having a sale (not sure what yet, but imagine you’ll be able to get our shirts and/or records for a discount) at No Sleep Store, and the second pressing of Touche Amore’s ;To The Beat of a Dead Horse will be up for preorder at a discounted price from our friends at 6131 Records.

And in an effort to raise morale after a bit of a stern blog, go watch this fine film. Send P’Chaimie my love.

Be good to one another.



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§ 3 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  • Lupe says:

    A year or so ago WSJ did an article that found AA using illegal immigrants in their west coast factories. Undoubtedly paying them less, working them for long and hard hours, and the like. They are no better, especially by being so deceptive.

  • David says:

    Actually Lupe, AA is very much about “Open Border Policy,” hence their, “Legalize LA,” campaign that has profits donated to immigrant rights groups. The odds are, that the illegal workers in the AA factory, were getting paid fair wages. At least we can hope the aforementioned is true. If not AA are complete hypocrites, but I feel that we should give them the benefit of the doubt, as they are doing a lot right compared to most other major corporations.

  • mattradickal says:

    In the future, you guys may be interested in printing through the company Progress of Design, if you print from another company that is. They use recycled paper and soy ink in all their stuff so it’s really environmentally friendly.

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