Years End

12/11/2009 § 4 Comments

as 2009 is closing, i’d like to share with you some albums that came out from our friends this year, where you can listen to them in entirety for free (legally) and where you can purchase them.

Comadre – A Wolf Ticket

our friends in the west put out one of my favorite records of the year. its damn short, but left me wanting more and i’m really looking forward to seeing what they do next. i saw them at a show last week and they said they are working on a three way split, which i will undoubtedly pick up when the time comes. favorite track: king jeremy.

can download the album for free at their website. can purchase on 12″ at their online store.

Canyons – The Rufus EP

met these dudes in Iowa when i was on tour with Touche Amore. great friendly dudes, gave me a copy of this cd, and blew me away. great heavy riffy southern stuff.

can download the album for free at their bandcamp site.

My Heart To Joy – Seasons in Verse

these friends played at my house when jordan and i lived together and were doing basement shows. i didn’t know what to expect but it was incredible and then we drank a ton of water out of a beer bong and stayed up late telling embarassing stories about our friends. i got a copy of this album on cd that night and unfortunately missed the vinyl release, but you can still catch it.

you can download their older records from their website and they give you hints as to find the newest one on their website which includes links to purchase the record.

Make Do and Mend – Bodies of Water

Stunning album. just fantastic. on the touche amore tour, jeremy kept telling me about this band after they played together in massachussets. he showed me the record and then we listened to it dozens of additional times. since getting home from tour, i’ve literally listened to it every day. they’re working on a split with touche amore, we’re working on a split with touche amore, we’re practically twins.

stream the album at their label’s website and order from their big cartel site.

Native – Wrestling Moves

i shouldn’t have to say much about this band or this album. my best friends for years, their first proper full length has gotten a ton of good reviews thus far and rightfully so. i got to do the album art for it and i’m pretty proud of the outcome. can’t wait for it to come out on vinyl early next year, but pick up the cd for now. if you haven’t yet, get it, give it to someone for christmas, see us together on tour this winter, and be on the look out for a split next year ;).

stream the album at their band camp site and buy it

§ 4 Responses to Years End

  • La Dispute says:

    Agreed to all mentioned above, add these:
    The Great and the Alleged Great by Former Thieves.
    …To the Beat of a Dead Horse by Touche Amore.
    Common Existenceby Thursday.
    Songs by Grown Ups.
    (I’m certain there’s more)


  • Jen says:

    Awesome. I love new music. Well, new to me, music. Thursday , have everything πŸ˜‰ The rest, will take a listen and do some shoppin’ πŸ˜€ Thank’s for the suggestions.

  • Landon Tucker says:

    It may just be me, but the My Heart To Joy link only sends me to their picture, instead of their site. I found them, but you might wanna fix the link! πŸ™‚

    Great bands, can’t wait to dive in further.

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