Thank You for Your Patience.

12/24/2009 § 26 Comments

Well, it was sleepless, mostly. And frantic, as always. And not without difficulty (spotty internet connection, late equipment arrivals, Brad wrestling with recording business, Chad wrestling with computer business, me falling asleep at 6:30 last night and not waking up till 6:30 this morning, etc. etc. and so on and so forth), but it comes with the sublime mixture of that sort of weary but triumphant satisfaction I can only imagine comes from getting something done by the skin of one’s teeth, and the feeling that you’re doing it for something worthwhile (your potential enjoyment, our creative purge, and, of course Well House).

Prior to posting the link, I want to again stress that if you don’t feel compelled to donate, or if you don’t have the means to donate, you can still download the songs–We want you to have them. The option to donate is only an option, albeit one I hope people choose, but we know how tight money is these days.

To those of you who are able to donate, I also want to stress that every dollar and cent donated to Well House will be used by the board and residents of Well House (there are actually 3 houses with 12 residents and 4 live-in staff members currently) to aid the funding of both the houses themselves (installing further solar panels, purchasing seeds and tools for produce farming, etc) as well as several fantastic and forward-thinking programs geared towards transitioning people with housing problems into self-sustaining, self-providing individuals. Rather than relying on government handouts and misappropriated programs that fail to address the housing crisis on its most basic levels, Well House provides a positive, communal environment for struggling people and families that addresses both financial and emotional need, all the while assisting in the general betterment of the community. I don’t mean to drag on or preach or anything, and I’m certainly not trying to guilt you into giving money, but, man, the place is so cool. I can’t stop talking once I start. People can be both extremes, I have a hard time remembering that sometimes.

Anyways, your downloads:
(note- all downloads include artwork, liner notes, and lyrics)
(additional note for those of you downloading all of the albums- to minimize paypal fees and maximize your contribution, choose ONE download to give your donation to and choose 0.00 for the rest. – from Felix, thank you)

The download includes, as previously mentioned, the new Here, Hear (Number 3, for those of you counting), as well as Here, Hear I and II, Only Everything Below and Shall Never Lose Its Power from the 7″ we put out last Spring, and 2 Holiday songs released on CD-R with the Holiday Edition of Here, Hear II. Also included in the download is a digital copy of the liner notes, the lyrics, and 3 album “covers” (designed and composed by Mr. Adam Vass and our dear friend Dr. David Summers), which you may have already seen posted elsewhere.

As a closing note, new, non-Here, Hear songs are in the works. A split or two, a new full length, it’s all on the way for 2010. Remember though–sleepless, mostly–frantic, always–and never without difficulties, so bear with us. And thank you in advance to everybody for downloading. We’ll keep you posted on what kind of donations come in. Oh, and tell your friends about all this, if you can. We’d love that.

Yours in life and all its many pleasant and unpleasant tributaries,

Jordan, Kevin, Vass, Chad, and Brad.

(more info: scope that)


§ 26 Responses to Thank You for Your Patience.

  • Matt says:

    Donated, downloaded, about to listen!

  • Michael Malone says:

    Thank you so much! Here, Hear 3 is incredible. You guys never cease to amaze. All the tracks are great, but I found Twelve especially beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday.

    I’ll be listening to this for months.

  • Diego says:

    It is beautiful work guys. Keep the faith, and keep the friendship.

  • dee l. says:

    You all are amazing, and you have made my christmas wonderful. This is always a hard time of year for me, and your music inspires me. Its beyond the description of amazing. Thank you so very much for giving me something to look forward to. I appreciate you and your music.

  • Felix says:

    Maybe you should tell people who would like to get all 5 downloads to actually only make ONE paypal payment. I think it safes a lot of paypal fees that Well House can certainly use better!
    Well, at least I just did that 😉

  • catie says:

    so rad. d/l’ed them all. respect you all so much for doing this. hope my contribution is but a mere fraction of the total!!! def spreading the word. 🙂
    you all rule.

  • Mellisa says:

    Love love love it! Great job guys! You are all amazing and wonderful people.

  • Adie says:

    You guys are amazing! I love the new songs!! I shall definitely be downloading them very, very soon!

    ” )

  • Vincent says:

    no no no thankyou

  • Emily says:

    You’ve given us one of the best presents one could ask for: beautiful music, creative artwork, heartfelt lyrics, and the chance to give to a program that helps others through trying times.
    Thank you a thousand times over.
    And a very merry Christmas!

  • […] brand new EP, Here, Hear. III, along with various other out of print releases, can be downloaded here. They are all pay-what-you-want, with proceeds going to […]

  • razoreater says:

    i’m broke and have had the worst christmas possible. i hope you guys are able to raise a fair amount in order to contribute to society. i just feel like such a bad person for downloading hear hear iii and the holiday songs for free. if i ever see you guys play again (considering i currently live in australia, and will be in japan as of march next year) i will be happy to give you some money to make up for me being poor.
    i hope you have a better holiday period than i did, you all deserve it.
    – holly

  • erin says:

    quite wonderful.

  • cone. says:

    Hey guys. thank you so much for sharing these amazing releases. It’s truly an awesome Christmas gift. I am constantly amazed by your musical and lyrical geniues. Absolutely amazing.

    I am unfortunatley with out funds at the moment and would like to support you guys in other ways. I hope that you guys are able to raise a fair amout to support your cause and if I could have I would have really donated something. I’ll spread the word of your music and hope to see your band grow more from strength to strength.

    Thank you again and all the best. Much love.

  • Riley says:

    Donated and downloaded. Thank you guys so much for doing this and merry Christmas to all of you. (:

  • Wessel says:

    Thanks for this one on christmas! Donated what i had left on my paypall account

  • Alex says:

    Hey guys, blessings of peace and love to you all. Thank you for your music, it really is wonderfull. Any word on vinyl editions?

    • La Dispute says:

      a few of these releases were originally on 7″, and vancouver and somewhere are on 12″, available at

      but if you’re asking about HH3, there are no plans at the moment friend,



  • Tim van Helsdingen says:

    Merry Christmas all!
    Thanks for this gift!
    Here, Hear. III is great!
    I just love the song Twelve.

    Have a great christmas!

  • Andrea says:

    I just wanted to say that the downloads are wonderful. Thank you.

  • Sara Warrender says:

    I think you guys are honestly so amazing,
    so, so, so amazing.

  • Just letting you guys know.

    HH III is amazing.
    Thanks for the great music.

    Can’t wait to see you guys in Louisville again.

  • Gina says:

    I donated a bit of what I had.
    I think this a very wonderful idea,
    its nice to see that you guys are so generous to mankind.

  • dave says:

    hey guys
    donated + downloaded. awesome idea, nicely executed. thanks for the music.
    ps – next time you head down to Australia, try and make it across to the west coast too!

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