LOST tonight

02/02/2010 § 7 Comments

we in the la dispute camp are pretty big lost fans, to varying degrees, and tonight i’m going OFF. i’m already ordering food so that nothing will disturb me during the premier tonight.
will be updating later hopefully with some pictures from my lost party, which is just me, nave from native, and nara. got some dharma beers and a big screen tv. pregame has already begun watching the season 5 finale.

and a friendly repost of more lost inspired things we’ve done:

Lost Dispute episode 2 from La Dispute on Vimeo.

Lost Dispute from La Dispute on Vimeo.

chad isn’t caught up, and jordan and kevin are crunching to finish season 5 before the premier tonight, so don’t post any theories or spoilers just yet. lost party roll call in the comments, let me know if youre doing anything wild. a real ruckus should be planned for the final episode…


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§ 7 Responses to LOST tonight

  • I’ll be watching it all alone, texting my girlfriend on every commercial break, who will be watching it two hours away. I bought a new tv last weekend just for the event, a big ole’ lug, which was terrible getting up the stairs of my flat, but totally worth it. I’ve been listening to my LOST mix CD all day, getting pumped. I can almost guarantee that I will cry.

    You know what would definitly make me cry? If you guys write a song about LOST. I’ll loose it.

  • Tim says:

    Ha, totes getting pumped for the Australian premeire, which is next week on the 10th. But definately throwing a Lost party for the final episode with the small amount of people who I know watch it. Gonna be so good. I’m gonnarecord every episode just so I don’t miss anything, and can go back and make even more theories.

  • Jenna says:

    My friend Cody made this in honor of the LOST part he’s throwing. Stoked.

  • Mason says:

    It was sooooooo good. I love that freaking show.

  • I watched it a day late and decided not to read this entry until I had seen it, lest you had some sort of spoiler up.

    But alas, it was such an amazing first couple hours. I can’t wait for next week. =]

  • David says:

    This promises to be such a good season.

  • emily says:

    Ready to have my mind blown in such mysterious ways.

    Final episode? Not sure yet. I’m on the lookout for amazing plans.

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