USA: 5 – Canada: 3

02/21/2010 § 5 Comments

(2 Goals and an Assist for Red Wings defenseman Brian Rafalski? I can get behind that)


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§ 5 Responses to USA: 5 – Canada: 3

  • Brad says:

    Incredible game. Rafalski is a big game player

  • Kaylee says:

    ….I was one grumpy Canadian last night.

    • La Dispute says:

      I can imagine. Take solace in the fact that you’ll likely still end up wearing a Gold Medal. On the other hand, if you can only squeak by Switzerland and you can’t beat the US, have fun with Sweden, Russia, and Finland.

      We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

  • Norbert says:

    I like how this is tagged as “Thing That Are Awesome” 🙂

  • Bobby says:

    Argh! I wish I could have seen this game! Unfortunately, no channels were playing it! Instead, I got figure skating and bob sledding. Boo!

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