Chat Roulette

03/11/2010 § 6 Comments

last night, some friends came over, and i utilized chatroulette for the first time. i understood the concept, but didn’t see how this could be fun. i was wrong. it was wild and we ended up spending a couple hours on it.

during my time on chatroulette, i realized a few things. the first is that a lot of people perform sexual acts on their webcam. the second and more important is how hateful and mean so many of these people are. i don’t want to generalize the chatroulette community, but we encountered so many mean comments and hate speech last night, it blew my mind. we encountered a few people over chat roulette who told us they experienced racism, sexism, and other discrimination over the site. a lot of these people were really nice and did nothing to provoke it. we also met a young child who told matt to put a shoe on his head. he did it.

how difficult is it to be nice to a stranger? especially one who you are seeing for probably a few minutes at the most, usually less. people would see us, instantly say something like “fags” and then leave. the fact that people still use that word doesn’t make any sense to me, nonetheless why someone feels compelled to use it in this way. its like an anonymous hit and run insult and it tears people down. the same goes for picking on kids at school, but i’m not in school and this apparently is a new popular domain for lowering peoples’ self esteems.

the world takes all kinds to operate, and no one’s kind is better than anyone else’s. i’m not going to say you should go on chatroulette, because there are definitely some things people don’t want to see on there, but if you DO choose to go on it, be nice to people. instead of nexting everyone, to the people you don’t want to talk to say “have a good day!”
and then hit next. maybe they’ll next you before you get the chance, but making a conscious effort to be kind to people makes them and you feel better. and if you don’t choose to go on it, be nice to people anyways. its really easy.

lastly, this fine gentleman next to me is matt. we’re trying to get people to start referring to him as lazer. he’s one of my best friends and we’re going to get matching saves the day tattoos. his face is on one of our new tshirts. also, he’ll be accompanying us on our april/may tour with alexisonfire/trash talk/therefore i am. you should come say hello to him when the time comes, and probably tip him.
this isn’t to discredit another of my best friends, colin, who will be coming with us on the tour that starts this weekend, including dates with native, touche amore, an appearance at south by southwest, and the recording of two new splits we’ll be putting out this year. colin is also the man. we have matching owl tattoos. i don’t yet have a cool nickname for him, but i’m sure one will come up. come say hello to him from march 14-april 7.

thanks, and be nice.


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