interview with AMP

05/07/2010 § 2 Comments

good thing we’re taking new photos tomorrow, none of us look like that anymore.

the desert is fun, I’ll post some photos soon.  Oh, and Iron Man 2 was pretty damn good.




§ 2 Responses to interview with AMP

  • kimberxcore says:

    “Music often becomes stale when emotions are absent. Thinking about what you are listening to becomes more than just listening”

    This is the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever read… This combined with how much I love and appreciate your music, is what is making me considering something tatted in relation to La Dispute. I’ve only known of your band for a bit over 6 months. I went to see a Thursday show here in LA. A show that I shouldn’t have been at, show 2 of 2 in the area. Touche Amore was the opener. I had never heard them, so I listened a bit online the day of the show. I was instantly in awe! This is much the same reaction my ears had to their first intake of Thursday years before. So, long story longer… I decided to check out bands that Touche Amore had toured with. I do this often as a way to introduce myself to new stuff. This is when I discovered how close LaDispute is with T.Amore. In short, I have deep appreciate for each of the 3 bands, but I’m going to say that La Dispute has found it’s everlasting well of appreciation a little faster than the other 2. I cannot express how much I adore your music and the process you partake in creating it. I’m beyond thrilled to be seeing your show @Troubadour in Hollywood this Sunday. Thank you for making me think while listening.

  • Brad and Jordan are cousins!?

    Mind. Blown.

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