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07/03/2010 § 4 Comments

Since we got home we have all been doing our own things and taking some time to relax. It has been a super long time since weve been able to say that. I’m in Indiana at my parents house kicking it with Native and trying out a bunch of new recipes from my favorite vegan resource, VegWeb. During this lull however, we don’t want you to forget about us. We have a new song up on myspace called “How I Feel” from our upcoming split with Touche Amore. I’ve also started creating the artwork for our split with Koji which is looking to come out in October.

As if there aren’t enough links in the above chunk, here are some websites I encourage you to visit.

Swallows & Daggers
a great resource for traditional american tattoo artists, with artist profiles and interviews. I often wear a shirt of theirs and someone in the UK snapped a picture of it during our set, and SND were kind enough to put it on their website with a plug for the TA split. While it was a kind gesture that I really appreciated, I would visit this website daily even if they said we suck. If you appreciate tattoo art, are considering getting a tattoo soon, or aspire to be a tattoo artist in the future, check out swallows n daggers.

Shirts And Destroy
The new Shirts and Destroy website looks so damn good! Theyre doing a lot of cool new stuff this year, including opening a store front in New York which I can’t wait to visit and eat burritos with Ryan and Lukas again. Ive been working hard this week on some new designs that we will have in the Shirts and Destroy line this summer and am so far very proud of them. When they go up, we will tell you again via the blog, so keep an ear out, but check out their website in the mean time and pick up some of their pre-existing awesome tees.

Hellfish has printed all of our american tour merch for about the past year and do a great job. I’m trying to get some new designs up in the hellfish store too now that we have time off tour for me to work, so check them out. they are too kind to us and its the least you could do to say “thank you” on our behalf to visit their website and maybe pick up a shirt (i want that bonus army one).

Make Do And Mend
you may have heard of MDAM since they are a part of The Wave, but aside from that, they are an incredible band. they just finished recording a full length thats coming out later this year on Paper & Plastick which I cant wait to hear. From July 22 – August 22 I’ll be their merch guy, so Sound & Fury, West coast, and middle america, come say hey to me and them. Check out the dates on their myspace.

This is all for now. I’m off to listen to Mysterious Universe, our band’s favorite paranormal podcast. That is, if I can somehow turn off this Lemuria record, holy cow its so good. I didn’t catch on right away but it definitely grew on me and I can’t stop listening to it.

Updates soon regarding the two splits and our plans for this fall and winter including some potential touring and a full length record.


§ 4 Responses to Link Party

  • La Dispute says:

    I want to join the Link Party and plug the new Hostage Calm record, streaming here –
    Do it! I’m addicted.

  • Karen says:

    I had an awesome conversation with Jordan about the paranormal a few months ago, and I remember him mentioning Mysterious Universe…thanks for the link!

    If I may add to the link party, there’s a show called Destination Truth that I think you guys might be interested in…the host of the show, Josh Gates, is essentially Indiana Jones, but instead of religious artifacts, he travels around the world in search of ghosts and mythical creatures. Past cases include the Jersey Devil, the Yeti, Easter Island, Ghosts of Chernobyl, and King Tut’s Tomb. Badass! Wikipedia has a full list of episodes, all of which can be found on YouTube. I highly recommend the Island of the Dolls episode!

    Sorry for the novel, it’s rare that I get the opportunity to spazz about this show with anyone, haha.

  • La Dispute says:

    THANK YOU for this link. I’ll now obsess over this with my free time.


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