Serious Notes.

10/09/2010 § 5 Comments

Our sincerest apologies to anyone who came to the show tonight and could not attend due to capacity issues. Unfortunately, proper venues, like the Literary Club, have to function within the boundaries of reason and the law in order to avoid fines, protect the well-being of those in attendance, and, most importantly, ensure their existence as a vitally important artistic establishment in the future. It sucks, I know, but the consequence of violating those boundaries sucks more, and the bottom line is self-preservation. If capacity is pushed aside and someone higher up is notified, the venue suffers, sometimes to the tune of being shut down, and we lose one more place fighting to keep the arts alive and in motion. Capping a room prevents that, and, even though it means sometimes that not everyone gets in, it also means that there’ll be another show there next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and so on. I’m certain everyone will agree that all the shows hereafter are far more important than the one show tonight.

Also of importance: We’re trying really, really hard to make this work–to function within our own ethical boundaries in the process, to support this community as best we can, and, most importantly, to accomodate everyone while doing so. Unfortunately, we’re not perfect, and the circumstances aren’t either, so it’s difficult. But we’re trying. Really, really hard. The Ladies Literary Club is a great venue, but it’s not perfect. No venue is. Nothing is. Not here or anywhere else. All things considered, we might never find a way to make this work the way we feel it should. But, again, we’re trying. Always, always, always. Be patient with us, we’re just people. Moving on,

For those of you upset because we said there would be tickets at the door: There were. Approximately 120, which were sold to the first 120 people in line. We didn’t mislead you. 280 tickets were pre-sold, and the remaining tickets were held at the door on a first come, first serve basis. That’s that. We said from the beginning that the show might sell out, to purchase tickets in advance if you could, and to show up early if you couldn’t, I’m not sure what else we could’ve said. We control what we can, the rest isn’t up to us. As much as I wish it was. All I can say now is we’re sorry. Because we are.

As mentioned previously, we’ll keep working on it. We’re learning how to do this right along with you, so be as patient with us as you want people to be with you when you’re trying to put things in order. Someday, I hope, it’ll all fall right into our lap, but in the meantime, we’ll keep doing things as best we possibly can. Stick with us, and work with us, this is a community effort, after all.

Most importantly, a thousand thank you’s to everyone who came out, whether you were able to get in or not. We really do appreciate it–more than I could ever say, really. For those of you who didn’t get in, we are again incredibly sorry. And an additional thousand thank you’s to Ken and the Student Activities Office, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of a such an incredible thing, Native, for being our oldest and best friends, Koji, for being a constant source of inspiration for all of us, and all of you who didn’t jump off chairs tonight.

We had a blast. You are home. Be well, be well, be well. All our love.

-Jordan, and LD


§ 5 Responses to Serious Notes.

  • The Ladies Literary Club, I think I saw Los Campesinos! there, their first time in the states. That place is tiny, especially standing space in front of the stage.

    Good to see a tun of GR support though! 🙂

  • Katie says:

    You guys didn’t do a thing wrong. That was an AMAZING show, and it was announced for so long anyone had the opportunity to pre-buy; even up to an hour before the show online.
    It was a phenomenal show, and I’m so happy to see the community seeing loud, angry bands as serious artists as well! Thanks for the show, guys!

  • Zac Wildfong says:

    La dispute you are one of the best bands ever to make a song and now us your fans should kno that its not your fault that all the tickets sold out so they shouldnt be mad at you and if they are then they arnt true fans. And i kno i didnt but i would like to apologize for all of the people who jumped off the chairs. And to jorden remember every time your in grandrapids you have to do the la dispute dance while your performing… ill be there and i will be so happy if you see the dance that i made just for my favorite band of all time LA DISPUTE

  • Jake Reed says:

    great show guys! despite the fact that there were a few rude members of the crowd…the music and feel was flowing

  • Caleb says:

    Thanks for an amazing and very memorable first show. And thank you for being so, so, so, very real with us. It means so much…

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