10/26/2010 § 3 Comments


§ 3 Responses to sacramento

  • Jeska says:

    You guys are so fucking rad, like even just watching a video you can feel how powerful it felt that night. It makes me so excited that your music will live on forever, nothing in the world makes me more happy.

  • Mari says:

    Guys, you’re the best. hope to see you some day somewhere in this world, maybe even in russia.

    thanks a lot for your music, it helped me a lot the last summer.

    take care.

  • i’m definitely with Mari… your music has been like therapy for me this summer… after losing my grandmother to cancer, parted ways from a 9year relationship.. and embarked on relocation and a new start in life..
    how i feel has definitely become the anthem of my year.. and attending the sac and SF shows was definitely a great way to relax and have a great time. thank you LD for being beyond rad. and Jordan, for the high five before your set and the hug after the SF set.

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