Happy Birthday Lukas!

10/28/2010 § 2 Comments

Our last night in Texas tonight, and we’re spending some time celebrating our wonderful friend Lukas’s date of birth. If you’ve been out to any of the shows, Lukas is the guy filling in for Kev on this tour. He’s doing an incredible job and we’re so lucky to have him aboard. Houston was amazing, thanks to everyone who came out and made it special. We’re sad to say farewell to Texas, but such is life.

We also had to say goodbye to our dear friends Envy last night, (not an easy task at all) but Austin was a perfect place to do so. We can’t thank those guys enough for how kind and inspiring they’ve been. It’s been such an honor to watch those gentlemen pour their hearts and souls into their set every night. Farewell friends!

Here’s some photos from Denton that our amazing friend Dave took. He drove from Indiana to be at the show. Love you so much man.

Next stop, Mississippi!


§ 2 Responses to Happy Birthday Lukas!

  • Kyle Dietz says:

    A couple of weeks ago, you rocked SoCal, I missed the Anaheim show because of school. Then, when you were to play in Los Angeles I was pumped to go. I was going to go alone. But I entered in the wrong address on my GPS because I was rocking out to “Bury Your Flame”…
    Come back to LA ASAP!!
    It’s not fair that you inspire people such as myself and then leave so quickly.
    Thank you for being true to yourself.
    -Love, Me.

  • Some dude says:

    i’ve been listening to music for a long time, despite the fact that i’m only 18. i was never really in complete satisfaction with music due to never finding the perfect sound for me. then my friend introduced me to la dispute (the perfect sound). i’ve been looking for this shit my whole life. not only is la dispute the shit but, they grew to show me a lot of other good bands such as touche amore and joshua fit for battle. greatly inspired my band.

    thanks, peace.

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