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01/06/2011 § 4 Comments

I’m on vacation! for the first time in months. I’m in brisbane australia and its beautiful.
Since we are on break there isn’t much to talk about. our australian tour starts a week from tomorrow and we’re all very keen. chad and i are gonna “have a jam” as they’d say here and write some more of the new record, which sounds great so far. I’ve done 2 drafts of the album art already and am very proud of that. Additionally, I’ve been working a lot (if you can call it work in the sense that i do something and get paid for it sometimes, but it doesnt feel like a job at all), and you can check my new stuff out at and hire me to paint things for you. we’re gonna do a bunch of cool stuff this year, including a new full length, and i’m looking forward to a lot of stuff i can’t talk about, but you’ll hear things soon.
Before Chad finishes cooking dinner, here are my 5 favorite records of 2010. click the art to listen to the band.






sorry for a disjointed update, but just trying to stay in touch. you do the same with comments on this post or on our facebook and twitter. hooray for social internet.



i found this today none of us run it, we have no idea who runs it, but if you use tumblr, check it out. i was flipping through pages and it made me miss my shaved head. i haven’t cut my hair since we toured america with trash talk in the spring, heres what it looks like now:


§ 4 Responses to chiming in

  • Callan says:


  • Dean says:

    i’m dying for the new full length. any idea when it’ll come out? also you’re a great artist

  • Jordan says:

    that’s a great list! my band actually just played a house show with grown ups. great dudes. Come back to the states

  • Kiley says:

    Hey, I run Thought I’d let you guys know! I haven’t had much time lately to keep up with it, I used to link each blog post posted on here to there, but I’ve really been slacking. However, my love for you guys still remains, of course! Take care!

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