3rd Melbourne show added

01/19/2011 § Leave a comment

Hello friends,

We are extremely happy to announce a third show in Melbourne due to a lot of people missing out who would have liked to attend. This show will be an ALL AGES show at Irene’s Warehouse at 12 midday and will be limited to 150 tickets available at the door only (no pre-sales). 

If you have already purchased a ticket to see either the Arthouse or Phoenix Youth Centre show (formerly night time at Irene’s Warehouse), we ask that you please refrain from coming to this show as to give the people who missed out of these shows a chance. PRE-SALE TICKETS TO THE ARTHOUSE AND PHOENIX YOUTH CENTRE SHOWS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THIS SHOW!!

So to confirm, here are the final details for all three Melbourne shows:

Thursday Jan 20 – The Arthouse
Doors: 8PM
Support: To the North, Marathon, Gatherer

Friday Jan 21 – Irene’s Warehouse (NEW)
150 tickets on door, NO PRESALES!!
Doors 12 midday
Support: Franco Cozzo, Muir

Friday Jan 21 – Phoenix Youth Centre
SOLD OUT – tickets bought for former (NOT NEW!!) Irene’s Warehouse show accepted
Doors: 7PM
Support: To the North, Accolades, On Sierra


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