We Got a P.O. Box

02/22/2011 § 9 Comments

send us letters to read since we won’t be touring for a while:

La Dispute
P.O. Box 6552
Grand Rapids, MI 49516


§ 9 Responses to We Got a P.O. Box

  • Charisse Acosta says:

    oh hell yes! i’ll be sending you guys vegan cupcakes and fan art!

  • Damjan says:


    Send me Somewhere LP on vinyl!


    Because I’m pretty swell guy, and thanks to me, whole Croatia is infected with La Dispute

    Yeah, you read it right, I’m that fuckin powerful.

    I also love you! 😦

    DAMJAN! FROM CROATIA! get back to me on that vinyl offer

  • Gus Couto says:

    i live in spain and we´re a great influence to me
    i loved Refused and i still love them and to me,we´re something like them but nowadays…

    i really enjoy with our songs!

    congrats and good luck guys!

  • I’ve been thinking about moving to Grand Rapids just to hang out with you guys but I don’t have a tent, and you guys might not have any more floors or couches left for me to crash on over there. If you guys are ever in the Chippewa River Valley; let me know.

  • Andrew Vimal says:

    Next time you guys tour down under, please come visit Asia. Or Singapore at least. Love from our sunny isle!

  • Christine says:

    yay, totally sending you a letter. and a giftcard of your choice. starbucks? idk what y’all like so let me know, and it’s yours.

  • Nik says:

    You guys became my favourite band, before you guys, I’d had the same favorite band for 5 years, so good work. I’m really looking forward to hearing new tunes by you guys! I’ll be writing you a letter for sure, Take care.

  • Jane Older says:

    Oh Hell yes. I will definitely be writing to you guys. You all are definite influences to me.

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