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Dave Williams, that is. Check our Australian TM/Sound Engineer/Best Bud’s take on the recent Aussie escapade.


Love and miss you friend,




bit of an update on the australia tour

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This is coming up quite quickly, so all the final little details are being hammered out in the next week or so. JAN. 15th has been moved to HEADLANDS HOTEL. Any tickets purchased through the pre-sale will still be accepted at the new locations, so don’t fret. EDIT: JAN 23rd in Perth has now been moved to Leederville Sporting Club (78 Cambridge Street, West Leederville). THERE WILL ONLY BE 100 TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW as it is a small place. Get tickets now! Please help us spread the word about these changes! Dates and ticket links are below.

NEW ZEALAND: We will not be doing a pre-sale for tickets, they will be available at the door.


Jan 14, 2011 – Annandale (Sydney), NSW (AU) @ The Annandale Hotel – Buy Tickets
Jan 15, 2011 – Austinmer, NSW (AU) @ Headlands Hotel – Buy Tickets
Jan 16, 2011 – Marrickville (Sydney), NSW (AU) @ The Red Rattler – Buy Tickets
Jan 18, 2011 – Canberra, ACT (AU) @ Bar 32 – Buy Tickets
Jan 19, 2011 – Adelaide, SA (AU) @ Enigma Bar – Buy Tickets
Jan 20, 2011 – Melbourne, VIC (AU) @ The Arthouse – Buy Tickets
Jan 21, 2011 – East Brunswick (Melbourne), VIC (AU) @ Irene’s Warehouse – Buy Tickets
Jan 22, 2011 – Northbridge (Perth), WA (AU) @ The Bakery – Buy Tickets
Jan 23, 2011 – West Leederville (Perth), WA (AU) @ Leederville Sporting Club – Buy Tickets
Jan 25, 2011 – Fortitude Valley (Brisbane), QLD (AU) @ The Zoo – Buy Tickets
Jan 26, 2011 – South Brisbane, QLD (AU) @ Burst City – Buy Tickets

Jan 28, 2011 – Auckland, AUC (NZ) @ Whammy Bar
Jan 29, 2011 – Wellington, WEL (NZ) @ Happy Bar
Jan 30, 2011 – Hamilton, WAI (NZ) @ Void

*** Tickets and additional information for any upcoming show are available here.***

*** Note: if there is not a ticket link you may purchase tickets at the door.***


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I guess the cats out of the bag, but here’s the official announcement:

We’re very pleased to announce a return trip to the great down under this January. Tickets for all dates will go on sale NOVEMBER 20th. Ticket links are paired with the appropriate dates below. We really encourage you to purchase tickets before to guarantee entrance to these shows. If there are tickets left after pre-sales they will be available at the door the night of the show.

Please help us spread the word!

New Zealand dates will be posted next week, stay tuned!
17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale, N.S.W

Sat Jan 15 – WOLLONGONG – BEACH BAR (18+)
2-14 Cliff Rd North Wollongong, N.S.W

6 Faversham St Marrickville, N.S.W

Tue Jan 18 – CANBERRA – BAR 32 (18+)
32 Northbourne Ave Canberra, A.C.T

Wed Jan 19 – ADELAIDE – ENIGMA BAR (18+)
173 Hindley st Adelaide S.A

616 Elizabeth St Melbourne VIC

5 Pitt St East Brunswick VIC

Sat Jan 22 – PERTH – THE BAKERY (18+)
233 James St Northbridge W.A

Sat Jan 23 – PERTH – H.Q (AA)
60a Frame Ct Leederville W.A

Tue Jan 25 – BRISBANE – THE ZOO (18+)
711 Ann St Fortitude Valley, QLD

69 Grey St South Brisbane, QLD

We’re heading to Chicago tomorrow to record some new tunes. Studio updates will be posted here so keep checking back,

my best,


home for a few days.

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Tour was so wonderful, thanks to everyone who came out to any of the shows. Huge hugs to Shay, Lukas, Touche Amore, and ENVY for being some of the greatest people in the world. We’re going to miss all of you.

Now time to put the finishing touches on some new tunes before we head into the studio next week. Busy Busy Busy.

Shortly after that we’ll be on our way to Canada with Alexisonfire. Please check out the dates, we’ve added a couple more!

Canadian Winter Tour w/ ALEXISONFIRE

Nov 26, 2010 – Victoria, BC (CA) @ Element Nite Club  – Buy Tickets
Nov 27, 2010 – Vancouver, BC (CA) @ Pacific National Exhibition  – Buy Tickets
Nov 29, 2010 – Edmonton, AB (CA) @ Edmonton Events Centre  – Buy Tickets
Dec 1, 2010 – Calgary, AB (CA) @ MacEwan Hall – Buy Tickets
Dec 3, 2010 – Saskatoon, SK (CA) @ The Odeon w/ Alexisonfire & Norma Jean – Buy Tickets
Dec 4, 2010 – Winnipeg, MB (CA) @ Burton Cummings Theatre  – Buy Tickets
Dec 5, 2010 – Thunder Bay, ON (CA) @ Thunder Bay Community Auditorium  – Buy Tickets
Dec 8, 2010 – North Bay, ON (CA) @ The Wall – Buy Tickets
Dec 10, 2010 – Montreal, QC (CA) @ Savoy Du Metropolis – Buy Tickets
Dec 11, 2010 – Ottawa, ON (CA) @ Capital Music Hall – Buy Tickets
Dec 12, 2010 – Kingston, ON (CA) @ Stages  – Buy Tickets
Dec 14, 2010 – London, ON (CA) @ London Music Hall  – Buy Tickets
Dec 16, 2010 – Toronto, ON (CA) @ Sound Academy  – Buy Tickets
Dec 17, 2010 – Toronto, ON (CA) @ Sound Academy  – Buy Tickets

Now, Australia. I know it’s taking forever, but we’re getting tickets and other important info sorted and finalized. The official announcement will happen November 8th, so stay tuned for that. We’re even hitting up Perth and NZ this time around! More info then.

Here’s a few more photos from last tour. We also have left over merch that you can purchase here.

Good to be home.

drippingacidairwaves interview

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per usual, the original text can be found here.


Thanks for agreeing to do the interview, we’re stoked to be able to feature the band on the site!
No, no, no. Thank you for asking us. We’re very flattered to be a part of what you do.

We saw you about a year ago in a warehouse in Marrickville, Sydney and you blew us away. How did you feel about the tour in Australia and how did it come about?

First off, it’s fantastic that you guys were there. We had a blast that night. All things considered, our entire trip to your fine country/continent was a blast. The people, the shows, the bands, the hospitality throughout–everything was fantastic. We really hadn’t the first idea about what to expect coming over, and we were baffled and humbled by the amount of people that came out to see us and sang along. It was honestly pretty mind-blowing. Everyone was so unbelievably welcoming, so unceasingly accommodating, and so enjoyable to be around, it was an incredibly encouraging experience for us. Second, and most importantly, the tour came about because a really great band from Brisbane called To The North asked us to come over, and because their drummer Simon put an immeasurable amount of time and effort and heart into making it a reality. He booked the shows, took care of transportation, sent records around, promoted–the whole nine yards. Without Simon, and without every amazing and loving member of that band, it never would’ve been the success it was. In point of fact, it never would’ve happened without them.www.myspace.com/tothenorth. Do it.

Your full length record, Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, seems to have got the band a whole heap of well deserved recognition, it seems like you guys have been pretty busy for the past 18 months… how are you finding everything?
Everything is pretty fantastic with us right now. We’re taking some time off to rest up and write some songs before we head out again (the past 18 months were, in fact, quite busy) and we’re enjoying it. We have amazing friends. I’m not certain we’ve garnered a “heap of recognition” but people are very good to us and we’re infinitely thankful. So, yeah, all in all, we’re finding things to be exciting and encouraging.

What have been some highlights of your recent success?
All the friends we’ve made and continue to make each day. This band has been and always will be about making friends and establishing relationships. The more trips we can take and the more shows we can play, the more people we’re able to meet, and, accordingly, the more friends we make. In bands, at record labels and such, and anyone else putting the emphasis on the community music and art creates. We get to witness the work of some of the most passionate and caring and dedicated people around. It’s awe-inspiring and we’re so thankful to be a part of it.

You are known for your intimate and passionate live shows, how have these transpired recently?
The same way they always have, albeit sometimes in unfamiliar buildings and environments. I don’t think the nature of the experience, that is, the relationship between us and the people in attendance, has altered in the least bit. It’s just the scenery is more diverse. If that makes sense.

How did you guys score the gig touring with Alexisonfire?
We’ve recently started working with a booking agency out of the Boston area called The Kenmore Agency, and our dear friend Matt, who runs the place and helps us out with tours, made it happen. Just one of the aforementioned new and fantastic friends we’ve made recently.

We imagine the tour was the biggest you guys have played, how did you feel performing in front of what we assume would be such a sizeable audience? Was there a different vibe to your usual shows?
It takes maybe a show or two to adjust to the change in venue and environment, but after the initial breaking in period you realize that, because the stages change, because the manner in which a show transpires changes, etc. etc. the spirit that really propels the act itself stays consistent. No matter where you play (be it a house, VFW hall, cafe, or 500 cap venue) there are people who aren’t interested in what you’re doing, or just aren’t interested in the whole thing for the right reason, but it’s easy most times to divert your attention away from them and focus on the people that care. And I don’t mean care about us necessarily, I mean people who care about the community.

You’ve got two split 7″coming out, how did they come about?
Conversations between friends, really. The friends with whom we’re releasing the two splits, I mean. Both artists are very close to us, as people and as musicians, so it made sense to share space on a record. We talked about it with them, formulated plans, talked to Chris from No Sleep, and here we are now–with new jams. It’s a pretty simple process that requires a lot of in between work.

The track ‘How I Feel’ on your Myspace has a notably faster and punk-ier vibe to it, what inspired it?

Partly, I think, just the mood at the time of writing, but we did make a conscious effort to focus on the similarities we have with the band on the opposite side of that split, Touche Amore, so a lot of it can be attributed to that.

Was the DIY scene from which you have emerged something that you always aspired to be a part of, and how do you see your relationship with that scene developing as your success continues?
The DIY scene, or rather, the ethics of it, is still very much a part of what we do and how we function, though I’m not certain that was ever the goal going into it. We were really young when we started, both literally and artistically, and we really hadn’t the faintest idea of what the end goal was–we just liked playing music–and for the most part, that’s still true. We’re not aspiring to be a part of any scene or genre or sect or whatever it is people ally themselves with, we’re just trying to play music because we love to play music. And we love to play music on our terms. Having said that, excluding yourself from powerful and positive relationships with other like-minded and compassionate people because it’s not punk or whatever seems wasteful. I think, in many ways, the landscape has changed, and people need to adapt, but maintain a level of cautious discernment. I don’t know. It’s a blurry, blurry line, and I’m no authority. Really, I’m rambling, and I haven’t really touched on your question.

What I mean is, it’s a really complicated issue, and one that brings up a pretty heated argument within the whole culture. But I don’t think our relationship with that community, a community that has been so incredible to us, will change or shift unless we change or shift the idealogies and beliefs that compel us to make music in the manner that we do. And that day won’t ever come. The minute we lose sight of the reason we’ve committed ourselves to this lifestyle is the day we call it quits. But it’s so, so much more complicated than people make it out to be.

Do you have any artists/people that are constant sources of inspiration?

Too many to list. Our families, of course, and our friends. Most of us would probably say each other too, I think. And that’s not even getting into all the other artists we love.

What is next for La Dispute?

Split with Koji in November, touring most of the fall and likely winter, writing and writing and writing for a new record which is presently only a few of the smaller bones that make up a skeleton, and trying to make as many friends as possible.

We are eager to hear more from La Dispute, can we expect a full length album in the near future?
See the above question. First half of next year? It’s all very preliminary. We’ll let you know.

You seemed to get a pretty good reaction last time you were in this part of the world, how long will we have to wait for another taste?
Not long, my friends.

Is there anything else you want to shout out to us over here, or anything else you want to mention in general that is inspiring you at the moment?

Joanna Newsom, my little brother, Charles MingusNeil Gaiman, Karyna McGlynn’s I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl, and sister’s little daughter Maddox. All pretty inspiring. Also, we miss everyone in Australia too much to describe and can’t wait to see you all again. Listen to To The NorthMarathon, Quiet StepsBare ArmsSurprise Wasp, etc. etc.

Also, Stu Harvey always tells us he’s going to say hi when he comes to our shows and never does. What’s with that, Stu? If you see him, tell him I said that. That guy rules.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, most of all, good luck with everything – hopefully we will see you over here in the not too distant future!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Australia: A Retrospective on Candy

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It goes without saying Australia tour 09 was one of the best things we have done as a band or individuals. We’ve said it before and we’ll surely say it again. I’m opting to stay away from sentiment, at least temporarily, and talk about all the candy bars Australians have that we don’t, which I tried so I could report back to America with some sound candy advice.

this is the one that started my quest. my friend matt huff told me to get some of these for him cause he tried them as a kid in australia and loved them. i bought a few to bring home to him and i accidentally ate them. i haven’t told him yet cause i feel bad about it.
anyways, a picnic bar is peanuts, caramel, rice crisps, and wafer in cadbury chocolate. its really chewy, its ugly looking, but it tastes pretty good, which is how its marketed in australia. it used to contain raisins but i didn’t see any such bars in my time there.

this is another one early on in the idea of trying all the bars available. It has some kind of chocolate fudge, maybe whipped chocolate, in the middle, surrounded by cadburry chocolate. its soft, theres nothing really crunchy or exciting about it. there is a variation called “totally nuts” which contains peanuts, but it was also pretty boring. the “boost” is advertised is glucose, which is SUGAR. that is a stupid selling point for a chocolate bar.

this one is good but easily the most boring. it is twirled chocolate, which is essentially what you get if you had liquid chocolate on a spoon, spun the spoon, and created these strands as they dried, then you cover those chocolate strands with a layer of the same chocolate. it has a lot of air inside it because of the negative space the twirling process makes. this would never work in america.

I’m well aware that we have Mars bars in the states, but I never had one, and they are much more popular there than here so I tried one. Its a milky way. The end.

Timeout is a kitkat. Second bar in a row that is the same as something else.

speaking of kitkats, heres something different called chunky. chad tells me we used to have these but i dont remember ever seeing them and definitely never ate one. its one giant kit kat, instead of the smaller break me off pieces. in addition to the wafers, theres one top layer that is something different. i had one that was cookies and cream, which was just like hershey’s cookie and cream bars, and one that was caramel. the former was too much chocolate for my liking and it was difficult to eat the whole thing. the latter was awesome. i had it in the fridge for a little while too so it was a little chilled.

this one was pretty good. simon from to the north told me this is what he used to receive as a prize for doing well in school. its caramel fudge surrounded by crispy something, i think it was rice but i dont remember for sure, then all under chocolate. its similar texture to boost but tastes way better. after eating it, i saw that the expiration date was two months ago. oh well.

Now for the top 3, the above in no particular order:

#3 Kinder BUENO:
I saw ads for this on every bus stop so I figured it was a must-try. I was right. Its light wafers filled with a cream that is hazelnut flavored, all under a light layer of chocolate. its a lot lighter than the other bars because its less of a chocolate bar and more of an adult thing. this was also in the fridge with the kit kat crunchy and it was delicious.

#2 CRUNCHIE (their spelling not mine):
This bar ruled. Its really thick, like the size of the kit kat crunchy, but there is no air inside of it. The texture is similar to a butterfinger, but instead of peanut butter inside, its honey flavored. Its really awesome but its difficult to eat the whole thing; its really dense and the honey gets overwhelming quickly. I would however eat these again and often.

Pollywaffle is a simple bar. The ozzies i was with didn’t like it all that much, but it seemed like an american taste to me. The pollywaffle is a marshmallow filling inside of a thick wafer tube that is covered in chocolate. I really like marshmallow, so this put it close to the top automatically. It tasted similar to a s’more, which I was told is not an australian thing. I’m not sure how because they rule.

I easily could have spent my time and money on something more productive than candy, but as Chad says, “While I’m in Rome…”


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