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All releases still in print are available at our official store.

All releases out of print can be downloaded at our bandcamp site for donations.


“Never Come Undone” (No Sleep Records) – 12″ Split w/ Koji. Purchase here.
“Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World” (No Sleep Records) – 7″ Split w/ Touché Amoré. First pressing is out of print. Second pressing available here. –  lyrics | download – itunes, amazon

Here, Hear IIIHere, Hear III
(Self Release)
Digital only – stream | lyrics | download

Somewhere...Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair
(No Sleep Records)
CD buy, 2xLP buy, Digital – stream | lyrics

Here, Hear IIHere, Hear II
(No Sleep Records)
7″ out of print – stream | lyrics | download

Untitled 7inUntitled
(Forest Life Records)
7″ out of print – stream | lyrics | download

Here, HearHere, Hear
(Forest Life Records)
mini CD out of print – stream | lyrics | download

(Friction Records)
CD-buy, 12″LP buystream | lyrics

World Distributors:
RevDistribution – USA
Redeye – USA
Very Distribution  – USA
Plastichead – UK
Stomp – Australia
Cargo – Germany
Green Hell – Germany
Greed Records Distribution – Germany
Disk Union USA Inc – Japan
CR Japan – Japan
STM – Japan
Bertus – Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg
Sonic Rendezvous – Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg

§ 37 Responses to our music

  • Bryce says:

    really bummed I cant get “shall never lose its power” and “only everything below” anymore. any possibility of getting these?

  • Kevin says:

    Keep up the good work. Hopefully you come back to cali soon so i can see you guys this time. Cheers From Cali =D

  • Phill Russell says:

    You know I seriously cant wait to listen to hear hearIII, I remember watching you guys in sturgis Michigan… little did I know that 2 years later I’d still be listening driving around playing you guys through out my car, traveling 2 hours away up to Grand Rapids to see you guys… heading back to your guys apartment to an amazing party… where Jordan had showed me probably the coolest peace of art I will ever see…. can piled to the ceiling keeping packed by a few bags and a shower head.

  • […] to: La Dispute: five [album: here, hear II] « […]

  • Tom says:

    Hey, love your guys music, it’s some of the only music I listen to now along with 5 or 6 other bands), I was just wondering, would it be possible to get a print of the illustration used for the Here, Hear vol3 (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2713/4317398596_cb9f35b557_o.png) somehow?

    Also, when are you guys coming to the UK? Would be awesome if you could come down near cambridge.

  • Brandyn says:

    I’m not worthy.

  • Nora says:

    Here is just a simple THANKS to you guys, for all those breathtaking songs you`ve ever made and will make !

    Thanks a lot 🙂
    Im so proud to be a fan of you !

  • Celine says:

    5 hours on a train to Copenhagen and Lades was SO worth it, even though I’ll be eating beans for a month. Two days later and I’m still smiling. You’re amazing. All of you.

    • La Dispute says:

      no, you’re amazing! thank you so much for coming out and for the kind words. sorry about the beans hahaha

      i hope we see you again soon, keep in touch!


      • Celine says:

        Hahaha, I’ll survive. I hope.

        Oh you will! And I will!

        Crossing my fingers ’til the day you play in Sweden.

  • Nora says:

    You need to come back to Germany one time 🙂 we`ll all be waiting here for you 🙂

  • Nicholas says:

    Hey guys, please can you get more of your music up on the Nokia music store. It’s the only feasible way for me to get it in South Africa.


  • Jimmy Bentley says:

    Hey guys, I saw that the split was supposed to hit stores on the 27th. Do guys have any idea what record stores I’d actually be able to find it in? Thanks guys! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Tyler says:

    Really hoping to see you guys in the Bloomington, Illinois basement again…I know you said it was over last time, but with the new songs and such, one more time? Just for fun?

  • Arjay says:

    I missed you guys when you came to Pittsburgh. 😦
    I hope you come back soon!
    You guys are incredibly inspiring and so emotionally driven. I can actually feel the emotion put into the songs. Gives me chills. 🙂

  • Jonathan says:

    When you guys play in San Diego, please try to play for as long as possible, and if needed, take up the whole night lol.

    Oh and if you guys are taking requests, Andria and Said the King to the River would be very much appreciated =]

  • riley the 13 year old says:

    when will yall be returning 2 houston?

  • riley the 13 year old says:

    i didnt get 2 see yall last time, i was there but not in time

  • Emily says:

    SO I’ve just realized how wonderful you guys are. get your butts to the North East, preferably Connecticut ;] yeah it’ll never happen.

  • Caiymen says:

    I’m in love with all of you. No biggie.

    You guys should play at Noruh Grotto in Port Huron sometime. It’s a pretty sketchy place when you look at it but I promise that you will have an amazing turnout. We love your music here in Michigan:)

  • Cass says:

    Thanks for all the downloads on your bandcamp! I absolutely love Somewhere at the Bottom…

    Even though they’re technically free, this is ironically one of the only times where I actually WANT to pay for something! 🙂

  • Wren says:

    You guys have literally changed my entire outlook on true lyrics, art, and music. Please don’t ever plan on stopping!

  • Sarah says:

    I can’t convey to you all how inspirational your music is to me. I chose lyrics from The Last Lost Continent for my first tattoo. I met the band at a show you played in Cleveland with Young Widows. Myself and my three friends drove from Illinois to see you and Jordan walked us to our car. I suppose I’m just writing this to let you know how amazing your music is and how every single song I’ve ever heard has given me chills and still does no matter how many times I replay it. Every song hits home- Thank you for that.

  • christopher says:

    come to Florida boys. you have heart, i can feel it. keep at it

  • Taylor Parker says:

    Thank you: for opening my eyes to real music, for showing me a band with heart who can’t seem to make a bad song and lastly, for coming to Raleigh, NC on your upcoming tour. You guys are my favorite band and I am driving three hours, one way, to see you guys and it will be worth every single second. Thank you so much for every bit of inspiration you’ve filled my soul with. ❤

  • Lance says:

    Just ordered my copy of the “Somewhere” vinyl. It’s on back order, so I have to wait two weeks. I’m so anxious.
    Keep up the good work guys. (:

  • Scott Arant says:

    I can’t stop listening to this! I hope you guys never break up.

  • Jenn says:

    have loved you guys for years, can’t wait to see you tomorrow night in Toronto :D!

  • Darryn says:

    Legendary. your lyrics are on my body

  • Dylan says:

    Only just began listening, and wishing you all the best. We need more musicians who are people: not the hackneyed “sing about reality,” but “care about reality.” I’m really hoping that you continue, and I will gladly introduce you to others I know.

    Thanks for everything 🙂

  • Jacob says:

    – You guys gotta come to Alberta (Edmonton & Calgary) You have a fan base here, and we’d love to see you.

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