July 2011 return to Canada

05/27/2011 § 8 Comments

I’m writing this from a starbucks lobby in Toronto, so maybe “return to Canada” is a bit preemptive, but here we go.
This July, we will be doing some dates with handsome gentlemen Make Do and Mend/Balance and Composure, including a couple of them with boyfriends Touche Amore and new friends-to-be White Wives.
Ticket presales and facebook groups and whatever else comes with announcing dates will come soon. For now, enjoy this bright poster and the list of cities we will be in. Hope to see you!


a thank you:

03/21/2011 § 1 Comment

goes out to those of you who have taken time out of your day to write to us. We’ve received some wonderful letters and postcards in the last couple weeks! We’re lucky to have such great friends.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

La Dispute
P.O. Box 6552
Grand Rapids, MI 49516

File Under: Surprise.

02/26/2011 § 3 Comments

The cat that is tonight’s DAAC show got let out of its bag on Facebook, which means if you’re reading this you’ve probably already heard.

That is, I assume we’re all sufficiently tapped into the social network network so, assuming I’m correct, you’ve already received the notification regarding us playing a GR show tonight and this is pretty unnecessary but I figure better safe than sorry so I’m covering this base and also I like writing things (particularly excessively long and grammatically shoddy sentences) and this kind of gave me an excuse to do so so deal with it.

But seriously, in not so excessive terms: our friends Xerxes from Louisville were supposed to play the DAAC tonight with our friends Native and Reptilian but had to drop, due to truly unfortunate circumstances, and we got asked to fill in for them. Having nothing to do but hang out, eat snacks, and watch hockey or whatever, we agreed.

SO! Come to the DAAC tonight. And tell all your friends. Do remember though that the DAAC is a small place and must respect capacity so please, please show up early if you’d like to get in. And don’t be mad if you show up late and get turned down, such is the nature of the beast, and I know we’ve covered this before. So…warned, I guess.






02/07/2011 § 18 Comments

Hello all,

It’s been a little while: time for an update.

We’re home safely from a beautiful trip to and from Australia and New Zealand. I think it’s safe to say we had the time of our lives. One more thank you to all the fine folks who helped make the tour such a pleasant experience. We’re surely going to miss all our lovely Australian mates.

Now it’s time for a break from touring for a bit. Besides fighting off snow drifts and winter depression, we’ll be writing the other half of the next record, followed by a second and final recording session in April. Ah yes, the real work begins.

To answer a few questions we’ve been receiving about 2011:

– yes, we will be touring the states. (soon, and with lots of friends.)

– yes, we’re coming back to Europe/UK. (with some different friends.)

– yes, the split with Koji is finished and will be released in the near future. (he’s a very talented and handsome friend.)

– yes, the new album will be out this year. (with a little help from our friends.)


More updates on all of the above and more soon.


Until then, be good. Oh! and get stoked for Defeater’s new record. It is going to destroy you.



home for a few days.

11/03/2010 § 2 Comments

Tour was so wonderful, thanks to everyone who came out to any of the shows. Huge hugs to Shay, Lukas, Touche Amore, and ENVY for being some of the greatest people in the world. We’re going to miss all of you.

Now time to put the finishing touches on some new tunes before we head into the studio next week. Busy Busy Busy.

Shortly after that we’ll be on our way to Canada with Alexisonfire. Please check out the dates, we’ve added a couple more!

Canadian Winter Tour w/ ALEXISONFIRE

Nov 26, 2010 – Victoria, BC (CA) @ Element Nite Club  – Buy Tickets
Nov 27, 2010 – Vancouver, BC (CA) @ Pacific National Exhibition  – Buy Tickets
Nov 29, 2010 – Edmonton, AB (CA) @ Edmonton Events Centre  – Buy Tickets
Dec 1, 2010 – Calgary, AB (CA) @ MacEwan Hall – Buy Tickets
Dec 3, 2010 – Saskatoon, SK (CA) @ The Odeon w/ Alexisonfire & Norma Jean – Buy Tickets
Dec 4, 2010 – Winnipeg, MB (CA) @ Burton Cummings Theatre  – Buy Tickets
Dec 5, 2010 – Thunder Bay, ON (CA) @ Thunder Bay Community Auditorium  – Buy Tickets
Dec 8, 2010 – North Bay, ON (CA) @ The Wall – Buy Tickets
Dec 10, 2010 – Montreal, QC (CA) @ Savoy Du Metropolis – Buy Tickets
Dec 11, 2010 – Ottawa, ON (CA) @ Capital Music Hall – Buy Tickets
Dec 12, 2010 – Kingston, ON (CA) @ Stages  – Buy Tickets
Dec 14, 2010 – London, ON (CA) @ London Music Hall  – Buy Tickets
Dec 16, 2010 – Toronto, ON (CA) @ Sound Academy  – Buy Tickets
Dec 17, 2010 – Toronto, ON (CA) @ Sound Academy  – Buy Tickets

Now, Australia. I know it’s taking forever, but we’re getting tickets and other important info sorted and finalized. The official announcement will happen November 8th, so stay tuned for that. We’re even hitting up Perth and NZ this time around! More info then.

Here’s a few more photos from last tour. We also have left over merch that you can purchase here.

Good to be home.

thank you Ann Arbor:

09/04/2010 § 7 Comments

we had a wonderful night and appreciate the many folks who came out and welcomed us back.

(a very huge thanks goes out to our many friends who saved us from our van disaster on the way home.)

one of these days we’ll have a U of M trip without any problems. so worth it.

if anyone has photos or videos please send them our way! (ladisputemusic@gmail.com)

3 more Michigan shows in October, come say hello: (8,9,10)

love you all.

Two Things:

08/15/2010 § 4 Comments

First, we’re playing a cool MI show coming up. How cool, you ask? Try Will Smith smoking a cigar in the desert after out-air-dueling that alien invader in the single greatest documentary of all-time Independence Day cool, that’s how cool. Big ups to one of the coolest dudes in the Great Lakes State John Hein and all the rad Metal Frat dudes/Dire Wolf guys for letting us be a part of another great time at what has in some ways been our home away from home for the last 5 years. Go Blue. Dave Kloc forever. Flyer’d:

One of the cooler flyers our name has ever been on.

There are a few other cool Third Coast shows coming up in October. One in Kalamazoo, one in Traverse City, and one in the Furniture City (I’m just full of MI nicknames right now), come out and say hello. We’d love it. Flyers and final details to come.

In the meantime, one of our best friends wrote us up in a UK magazine called NME and they even put a picture by it. Cool to get press so far away, but even cooler to get it from a friend. We love you, Lee. Now, listen to the new Trash Talk LP “Eyes & Nines,” it’s unreal. Thanks to Ivano for sending us the picture, and Lee, of course, for the write-up. Here goes:

We look angry but we're really just uncomfortable.

Well, that’s about it. Tigers took 2 out of 3 from the White Sox in Chicago, that’s encouraging. Still, a long shot to think they’ll climb out of the hole they’ve dug. Mike Modano is a Red Wing. I’m into that. Hell, even the Lions looked decent in their first preseason game (granted, they went 4-0 prior to going 0-16 two years ago).  Listening to Titus Andronicus and then Ted Leo and then probably more Ted Leo, can’t complain about that.  

Oh, and Shark Week ruled.

yrs, Jordan

That cool.


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