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We are between tours for just a few more days and have been each having our respective good times. I was spending some time in Boston with Make Do and Mend and the Topshelf/Run For Cover records gentlemen and other friends having a blast, but I flew home last night because…

Tonight at Pyramid Scheme (a relatively new venue in Grand Rapids which I haven’t been to yet) our boyfriends Touche Amore are playing! with our as-of-next-week-tour-mates Balance and Composure, soon-to-be-buds White Wives, and local staples Brothers. Its an early show because Pyramid Scheme are being awesome and letting it be all-ages, so get there on time.
Here is a facebook event page for it where you can get more details.

And lastly, speaking of boyfriends, my best friend Lazur, who many of you have probably met as our merch guy, or more recently Touche Amore’s merch guy on the Title Fight tour, won’t be there tonight. Instead, he is swimming in bail and court related debt in Ohio and kind of in a hard place right now (not ohio, the money thing). In an effort to help him offset some of his costs, I did a collaboration with the David Summers Photo, and we’re getting some shirts made up with his handsome face on it. All the money goes to getting lazur out of debt and back home or on tour with us, whichever happens first.

If you would like to help, there is a tshirt and a tanktop available for pre-order at freelazur.bigcartel.com. If you want to help spread the word, use the tag #freelazur on twitter! You might have already seen it floating around and scratched your head, but now you know.

Lastly, tour starts in less than a week in eastern Canada with MDAM and Balance, and I’m very excited to see those bands perform each night and to play dice with them.
And I think the mixing process of our new record is finished.


Two Things:

08/15/2010 § 4 Comments

First, we’re playing a cool MI show coming up. How cool, you ask? Try Will Smith smoking a cigar in the desert after out-air-dueling that alien invader in the single greatest documentary of all-time Independence Day cool, that’s how cool. Big ups to one of the coolest dudes in the Great Lakes State John Hein and all the rad Metal Frat dudes/Dire Wolf guys for letting us be a part of another great time at what has in some ways been our home away from home for the last 5 years. Go Blue. Dave Kloc forever. Flyer’d:

One of the cooler flyers our name has ever been on.

There are a few other cool Third Coast shows coming up in October. One in Kalamazoo, one in Traverse City, and one in the Furniture City (I’m just full of MI nicknames right now), come out and say hello. We’d love it. Flyers and final details to come.

In the meantime, one of our best friends wrote us up in a UK magazine called NME and they even put a picture by it. Cool to get press so far away, but even cooler to get it from a friend. We love you, Lee. Now, listen to the new Trash Talk LP “Eyes & Nines,” it’s unreal. Thanks to Ivano for sending us the picture, and Lee, of course, for the write-up. Here goes:

We look angry but we're really just uncomfortable.

Well, that’s about it. Tigers took 2 out of 3 from the White Sox in Chicago, that’s encouraging. Still, a long shot to think they’ll climb out of the hole they’ve dug. Mike Modano is a Red Wing. I’m into that. Hell, even the Lions looked decent in their first preseason game (granted, they went 4-0 prior to going 0-16 two years ago).  Listening to Titus Andronicus and then Ted Leo and then probably more Ted Leo, can’t complain about that.  

Oh, and Shark Week ruled.

yrs, Jordan

That cool.


bledfest pt. 2

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Thanks to Matt for the photos,

bledfest pt. 1

05/30/2010 § 8 Comments

last night was madness, thanks you everyone who came out. I’ll have more photos and videos soon.

Love you all,


this weekend (3/5, 3/6, 3/7)

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More info for any of these shows can be found here.

We’d love to see you all,


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it’s been a minute guys and gals. let’s have some fun.

you can RSVP and all that good stuff right here.

see you friday friends!

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