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i meant to post this before tour started, but things got hectic.
LZR and I drove to detroit and picked up our fantastic tour manager/sound guy/vegan/goodguy Dave from the airport, having just flown in from Brizzy. We had good times, and i made him mac and cheez while he watched Napoleon Dynamite (enough time has passed, its funny again) and I slaved over making the zine at the 24 hour kinkos with the employee who hated me.
Now we’re on the road, and the first show was great. All the photos i took though are from before the show, so just look at us having fun and being pretty handsome, to varying degrees (lzr, you’re the most handsome).
and in case anyone cares, I used a Canon t1i with a Bower 8mm 3.5 fisheye lens.



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all from sum daddy again

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