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11/18/2010 § 1 Comment

all from sum daddy again


studio update 2

11/14/2010 § 1 Comment

Drums are tracked for session 1. I had a really good time approaching every song differently and experimenting with different tones. We did some pretty weird stuff but the results are great. I got to track with a 1976 Ludwig yesterday, apologies for the excessive amount of photos.

The rest of the guys have 2 songs to finish up, but we’re actually ahead of schedule, which is great. We’ll have some time to mess around with overdubs and percussion.

Andrew had his 31st birthday yesterday. Send him some love on the Thursday sites. What a great dude.

Love you all, more to come.




04/01/2010 § 5 Comments

So we’re done tracking, out of rainy NYC and into beautiful and sunny Connecticut hanging with our buddies in My Heart to Joy. Tonight’s show has been moved to a practice space on campus (once again due to cops, bummer), so we’re going off! In a good way of course. Should be an amazing and intimate show. Some crazy secret co-op stuff right here.

Went to another soda shop today, needless to say Vass was stoked. The kid has gone completely bonkers over soda-pop. proof? He created a review blog for it. here you go:

seriously, check it out.

One more studio video to share. We were so thrilled to have Jeremy from Touche Amore in there with us. Scheduling got crazy towards the end but everyone made it work. Extra thank you’s to Andrew, Joey, and Parry for working so hard with us on this project. We’re really anxious to show you guys.

6 more shows left on this tour, then we’re off for the Alexisonfire US tour. More Europe dates were confirmed today as well, we’ll have them up soon! Be well,


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