A little friendship

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We are between tours for just a few more days and have been each having our respective good times. I was spending some time in Boston with Make Do and Mend and the Topshelf/Run For Cover records gentlemen and other friends having a blast, but I flew home last night because…

Tonight at Pyramid Scheme (a relatively new venue in Grand Rapids which I haven’t been to yet) our boyfriends Touche Amore are playing! with our as-of-next-week-tour-mates Balance and Composure, soon-to-be-buds White Wives, and local staples Brothers. Its an early show because Pyramid Scheme are being awesome and letting it be all-ages, so get there on time.
Here is a facebook event page for it where you can get more details.

And lastly, speaking of boyfriends, my best friend Lazur, who many of you have probably met as our merch guy, or more recently Touche Amore’s merch guy on the Title Fight tour, won’t be there tonight. Instead, he is swimming in bail and court related debt in Ohio and kind of in a hard place right now (not ohio, the money thing). In an effort to help him offset some of his costs, I did a collaboration with the David Summers Photo, and we’re getting some shirts made up with his handsome face on it. All the money goes to getting lazur out of debt and back home or on tour with us, whichever happens first.

If you would like to help, there is a tshirt and a tanktop available for pre-order at freelazur.bigcartel.com. If you want to help spread the word, use the tag #freelazur on twitter! You might have already seen it floating around and scratched your head, but now you know.

Lastly, tour starts in less than a week in eastern Canada with MDAM and Balance, and I’m very excited to see those bands perform each night and to play dice with them.
And I think the mixing process of our new record is finished.


July 2011 return to Canada

05/27/2011 § 8 Comments

I’m writing this from a starbucks lobby in Toronto, so maybe “return to Canada” is a bit preemptive, but here we go.
This July, we will be doing some dates with handsome gentlemen Make Do and Mend/Balance and Composure, including a couple of them with boyfriends Touche Amore and new friends-to-be White Wives.
Ticket presales and facebook groups and whatever else comes with announcing dates will come soon. For now, enjoy this bright poster and the list of cities we will be in. Hope to see you!


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i meant to post this before tour started, but things got hectic.
LZR and I drove to detroit and picked up our fantastic tour manager/sound guy/vegan/goodguy Dave from the airport, having just flown in from Brizzy. We had good times, and i made him mac and cheez while he watched Napoleon Dynamite (enough time has passed, its funny again) and I slaved over making the zine at the 24 hour kinkos with the employee who hated me.
Now we’re on the road, and the first show was great. All the photos i took though are from before the show, so just look at us having fun and being pretty handsome, to varying degrees (lzr, you’re the most handsome).
and in case anyone cares, I used a Canon t1i with a Bower 8mm 3.5 fisheye lens.


recording video II

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edit: dave hates when i make his videos/pictures look shitty through editing, and i like it. i want to make note that this video was really crisp and high contrast and he took it, then i intentionally made it look worse before uploading it. sick.

Thanks for chatting

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the yowie chat was really fun. thanks so much to erica for setting it up for us, and we apologize if we were super awkward or if some of the guys were a bit soft spoken. and that damn cute cat that popped into the frame every now and then.

if you missed it, i think you can watch the whole 100 minute session here:

And a couple notes about stuff we talked about:
Our mailing address is
La Dispute
PO Box 6552
Grand Rapids MI 49516.

we’ve received a bunch of nice letters and postcards and records and stuff, and really appreciate it.

also, our new merch store is here:

my comic book (if there are any left) is available at the no sleep store and more of my artwork at my website. forgive me for shameless plugs.

hopefully we’ll be doing stuff like that more, we all had a good time. our bud dave summers gets here tomorrow so we can show you some photos and maybe videos of us working in the studio. we’ve been working really hard and it sounds awesome so far, can’t wait to show you the result.


03/30/2011 § 3 Comments

As you might have noticed, we’ve been pretty secluded for the last few months. We’ve basically been in a productive hibernation, and we’re slowly but surely coming out of it.

If you’d like to talk with us about what we’ve been doing, what we’re planning on doing, how we’ve been doing, who we’ve been dueling (ok i’ve gone too far), we are having a live webcam chat on Yowie a week from tomorrow, April 7, at 9pm EST/6pm PST. We might be broadcasting from the studio or from our friend’s apartment, but either way, it’ll be nice to have outside contact again.
Ask us questions, shoot the shit, or just lurk the chatroom and watch us be awkward. And don’t hate us when there are certain things concerning the new record that we won’t answer because secrets are fun.

Here is our show link, hope to see you there:

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